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Changes in criminal law and reduced drug busts

Major drug arrests have long been a common occurrence across the state of California. Yet changes in laws surrounding drug charges, as well as shifting attitudes towards the practicality behind drug busts, have cast a different light on such arrests in recent years. Regardless of California's gradually loosening grip on drug crimes, just one arrest could result in prolonged periods of  court dates and fees -- not to mention the potentially damaging effects such arrests can have on one's reputation.

Is ecstasy the next therapy drug?

Drugs are a hot topic in today's world, as they have recently landed in the spotlight of public scrutiny. Voices on both sides of the controversy stress the importance of some controlled substances as well as the risks, but the question remains: are the penalties for drug possession too severe? In California, that question may soon arrive at an answer. Similar to the debate surrounding the legalization of marijuana, some officials are debating the benefits that ecstasy could provide for those suffering from a number of complications. 

Orange county's opioid crisis and the outlook of narcan

The southeast region of the United States is not the only area affected by the opioid crisis. Recent news shows that California has taken a particularly large hit from the drug that has spawned a nationwide epidemic since 2010. Many may wonder what constitutes as a prescription drug or heroin possession charge, and what that charge might mean for their future. While the consequences of a heroin possession offense can be severe, a new drug called Naloxone has changed the outlook for this epidemic.

Possession of ecstasy and the legal obstacles

In recent years, marijuana has been the drug at the center of the public psyche, but ecstasy has long been known for its connection to serious legal penalties. Similar to most states, California law enforces various penalties for this popular recreational drug -- but not all of these penalties result in damaged permanent records and reputations.

How accurate are field sobriety tests?

Like most California drivers, you likely know that the state can come down hard on someone accused of driving under the influence of alcohol. While few people would argue that protecting people from the danger of a truly intoxicated and negligent driver is important, it is equally important that all drivers' rights are protected. Not everyone arrested for drunk driving is actually guilty and it is good for people to know that the tests used during a DUI arrest may not always be accurate.

Appellate court rules cellphone search warrant too broad for home

If the police have a search warrant for a small item like a cellphone, they can search anywhere in the designated area where such an item might be hidden. So, getting a warrant to search for a cellphone seems like an ideal way to get the chance to search someone's entire home.

Diversion programs help soldiers avoid having a criminal record

In an era in which so many soldiers have not just experienced one, but several tours of duty in some of the world's disturbing war zones, Veteran's Affairs (VA) offices find themselves overwhelmed with how to prioritize the treatment of them. This has meant that many, with what are deemed to be less pressing mental health ailments, have had their treatment delayed.

Gun owners with drunk driving records at risk for violent crime

A recent study published by University of California Violence Prevention Program suggests that legal gun owners with drunk driving convictions may be at a higher risk for committing a violent crime than others that do not have any criminal conviction at all. The study's authors argue that this research, which was first made public on Jan. 30, 2017, could prove valuable in identifying ways to curb violent crime in this country.

Orange County man allegedly assaults, kidnaps store associate

A 47-year-old Portola Springs man was taken into custody at his home on Monday, June 19, 2017, at around 4:30 p.m. He is suspected of having assaulted and attempted to kidnap a 20-year-old associate at an Irvine baby boutique over the weekend.

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