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Why are internet crimes so complex?

Internet crimes range in severity from a compromised credit card number to a widespread security breach that impacts the lives of thousands of people. If you are facing the consequences of having been involved in some type of internet crime in California, the repercussions you face will range depending on what exactly occurred. 

Simple precautions may reduce online identity theft

Many California residents are concerned about the possibility of identity theft, especially because the consequences of such a crime may last for years. The risk of identity theft may continue to rise as more people conduct business online and use the internet to access bank accounts, medical records and private information. In many cases, it is not possible for individuals to avoid putting their personal information on the internet. However, taking a few cautionary steps may reduce one's risk of becoming a victim of identity theft.

Cyberattacks threaten certain business owners

In corporate America, data systems hold valuable consumer information, including credit card numbers, Social Security numbers and other confidential data. In this day and age of advanced technology, these systems run the risk of becoming victimized by cyberattacks. Cyberhackers can gain access to these information systems and instantly obtain consumer data. The problem lies in the fact that incidents of data breaches have increased significantly within the last several years.

Reviewing the different forms of phishing

Phishing typically ranks among the most common forms of internet crimes. Yet the general definition of a phishing scheme is often so vague that it can be difficult identifying cases where it has actually happened. Indeed, many come to our team here at Ron Cordova Attorney at Law after having been accused of phishing unaware that they have been doing anything wrong. If someone in Irvine has accused you of running a phishing scam, knowing what types of phishing scams have been identified can help you answer those accusations. 

Defending yourself from accusations of online solicitation

You often hear stories of law enforcement authorities catching would-be sexual predators online by posing as intended victims of said predators' actions. Like most in Irvine, you likely have no problem with such actions due to two assumptions, the first being that you would never put yourself in a position to solicit any form of sexual conduct with a minor. The second is that such police action is only done in response to a predator attempting to locate a juvenile victim. Yet as many of those that have come to our team here at Ron Cordova Attorney at Law seeking assistance have discovered, that is not always the case. 

Participating in cybercrime can destroy your business

If you operate a successful company that is currently experiencing the strain of competition in California, it may be tempting to participate in illegal behavior to profit and see a better return on your investments. However, deceiving behavior of any kind is often punishable by law and can have debilitating consequences for your company. At Ron Cordova Attorney at Law, we are committed to providing fair defense for alleged criminals of white-collar crime. 

Why Prosecuting Internet Crimes Is Difficult

The internet is an amazing advancement in technology. It can allow people to connect with others halfway around the world instantaneously. People use it everyday to handle banking. Some people in California also work on the internet. It affords many opportunities that has made the world a smaller place. However, along with all the good, crime has also found its way on the internet. This means law enforcement has to figure out how to prosecute these criminals.

The truth about identity theft

Most Californians spend little time considering the penalties of an identity theft charge, but for those going through the process, there are many repercussions. While identity theft is a serious issue, not all understand the laws surrounding this type of internet crime. Furthermore, these actions generally come with steep costs that can become a crippling burden over time. 

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