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Unreported cash payments could spark a criminal investigation

For many self-employed people in California who have multiple clients and are sometimes paid in cash, keeping records for taxes is a hassle. However, according to, failing to provide all the information to the IRS at tax time can result in disaster.

A current look at cryptocurrency and tax evasion

Inconsistencies in tax reporting could result in extended periods of investigation from the Internal Revenue Service, and worse, actual charges for tax evasion. Despite the severity of these charges, incidents such as these are rarely black and white. Lack of straightforward paperwork does not necessarily point toward this crime, but details involving recent modifications to taxation and other information can help Californians clarify an otherwise uncertain predicament.

What does it really mean to evade taxes?

Filing taxes can certainly be a mundane activity, but avoiding them completely is another matter. Many professionals turn away from recording tax liabilities as a result of financial struggle, among a multitude of other reasons. But regardless of the cause, tax evasion in California is a crime that can come with costly penalties. 

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