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White Collar Crime Archives

What is bankruptcy fraud?

Despite the potential benefits it can afford to people deeply in debt, many in California seek to avoid filing for bankruptcy. Depending on the type of bankruptcy you file, it may involve selling off some of your assets, in a process called liquidation, in order to satisfy your debt. According to Cornell Law School, when a debtor filing for bankruptcy seeks to conceal or misrepresent the assets that he or she has in order to prevent their liquidation, he or she commits bankruptcy fraud. 

Vague insider trading laws cause confusion

If you read or hear about people in New York who have been accused of insider trading, you might wonder what exactly leads to these types of allegations. In its most basic form, insider trading involves a person benefitting by trading stocks based upon knowledge gained due to a privileged position of some sort. Often, these situations involve a person who works for a company and who has access to company information that those outside the company would not have. 

What is money laundering?

Money laundering may be a familiar-sounding term to Californians, especially those who read newspapers or watch movies, but you may not understand how the money becomes "dirty" in the first place, what money laundering involves or the laws that are in place to prevent and prosecute it.

Former mayor charges with embezzlement and more

People in California may not be surprised to hear that a politician has been charged with a financial crime but they should always remember that allegations are not convictions. Every person always has the right to defend themselves and it is during this defense process that the truth can hopefully be fully realized. This is an essential component to the legal and judicial system in the United States and connected to the belief that every person is innocent until proven otherwise.

What were your intentions?

Most in Irvine may view criminal activity as being fairly black and white; in any supposedly quetionable instance where someone is injured or suffers a loss, someone else must be to blame. This attitude is particularly prevalent when it comes to white collar crime. Yet is the result of your actions (to which your accusers may refer to as your "scheme") enough to convict you of such activity? Fortunately, the answer to that question is no. There must also be some element of intent. 

Corporate spying covers a lot of actions

Whether you call it economic, industrial or corporate espionage, these are all terms for spying that is associated with commercial competition instead of national security. These terms can describe a variety of actions by Irvine companies that skirt or cross the line from what is to what is not legal and legitimate intelligence gathering about business competitors.

Felony and misdemeanor charges face board member

California residents who may be accused of financially related crimes like embezzlement or money laundering have several issues about which to be concerned. One of these issues can be the future of their professional positions, especially if those positions are in any way connected to the allegations against them.

Alien demographic information misused by ICE employee

One of the obvious byproducts of the current information age is that people are often granted easy access to a wealth of data hat is normally considered confidential information. Through one's career in Irvine, he or she might be able to view countless data elements such as names, dates or birth, addresses and social security numbers. Access to such information typically comes as a privilege of one's job, with strict instructions regarding its retrieval, use and storage. Violations of such guidelines can not only result in one losing his or her job, but also leave him or her facing criminal charges. 

Counterfeit goods lead to economic loss

Have you ever complimented someone on an item of clothing, watch or tech toy and received in reply a story about how much money the owner saved when he or she bought it? Getting a good deal on a pricy item is something every California consumer seeks, and something they want to tell others about—even if the item is a knock-off. A look at the other side of the story, however, reveals how much money that item really costs in terms of economic impact.

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