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Driver facing manslaughter charges for DUI crash in California

Drivers in California suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can face very serious charges, especially if they cause an accident that causes serious injuries or fatalities. A recent criminal case is an example of the serious charges drivers can face if they are arrested for a drunk driving accident that severely injured or killed someone. 

NTSB recommends 0.05 BAC for DUI in California

A night out with dinner and a glass of wine could end with a DUI charge for motorists in California if the state decides to follow the recommendation from the National Transportation Safety Board and lowers the legal limit for intoxication to 0.05 percent from its current level of 0.08 percent.

Some groups opposed to the change claim the consumption of one drink by the average woman would make her legally intoxicated under the proposed standard and subject her to a misdemeanor charge. The NTSB proposal to lower the legal limit for intoxication included recommendations that states allow the confiscation by a police officer of the license of a driver who exceeds the state BAC limit or who refuses to submit to a BAC test.

Ocean Beach man arrested for DUI

A man was recently arrested for a DUI after police were alerted through a 911 call that a person was driving in an erratic manner in the community. The man charged with the crime is about 50 years old and was arrested in Ocean Beach.At the time of the arrest, the driver pulled into the parking lot near the beach and parked in a handicapped spot, which he was registered to do. As he was beginning to pull out of the parking place, officers blocked his vehicle with their own and instructed him to exit the vehicle.

Former adult film star pleads guilty to DUI in Orange County

Facing a criminal charge can be one of the most stressful experiences for residents in Orange County and across the country, especially when the charge is publicized in the media. Although some charges, such as a drunk driving charge, cannot always be dropped, a strong criminal defense can help mitigate the consequences of such an allegation. Jail time or a suspended license resulting from a DUI conviction can lead to serious issues when it comes to a person's job, as well as damage their reputation.

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