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Your defense can take many forms

If you are facing criminal charges in California, the future might feel very uncertain. No matter the nature of the alleged offense, the prospect of a criminal investigation, going through a trial and possibly even facing conviction can be extremely upsetting. Furthermore, it can put pressure on your family and even affect your employment status. Ideally, you want to get it all out of the way as soon as possible. However, if you are too hasty, you could make costly mistakes that could affect your chances in court.

Unlawfully seized drugs cannot be used in your trial

In order to keep drug crime to a minimum in California, officers are often on the lookout for any signs of drug use or drug presence when they are investigating other crimes. For example if you are pulled over for erratic driving or a problem with your vehicle and an officer sees drugs on your dashboard, you could face criminal charges. However, there are limits to how far officers are allowed to search.

Veteran charged with identity theft in California

Regardless of the type of charges against you, a criminal investigation can be both emotionally taxing and damaging to your reputation. Even if you are innocent of the allegations laid against you, you may face a lengthy inquiry, negative media attention and even suspension from your job. However, a charge does not guarantee a conviction, so it is vital to remain calm and focus on your defense.

Drugs sent from California lead to multiple arrests

Being arrested can be a distressing experience, especially if you haven't done anything wrong. It is not always easy for officers to be certain of who is responsible for a crime and sometimes that means innocent people are taken into custody. At other times, an individual might come under suspicion because of previous misdemeanors, or their actions may be perceived to be more serious than they are. Being charged with a crime does not guarantee a conviction, however, so it is important to remain calm.

Murder charges thrown out due to dull-nosed police dog

A La Puente murder charge was reversed in a California court after more than 10 years of appeals because it was based largely on a scent match provided by a police dog with a history of misidentification, according to a Courthouse News Service story. The defendant was convicted of first-degree murder in 2001, but the investigation was fraught with confusion and poor identification. He was initially identified from a sketch based on an eyewitness description, and eyewitnesses who picked him out of a photo lineup later changed their stories at trial.

NTSB recommends 0.05 BAC for DUI in California

A night out with dinner and a glass of wine could end with a DUI charge for motorists in California if the state decides to follow the recommendation from the National Transportation Safety Board and lowers the legal limit for intoxication to 0.05 percent from its current level of 0.08 percent.

Some groups opposed to the change claim the consumption of one drink by the average woman would make her legally intoxicated under the proposed standard and subject her to a misdemeanor charge. The NTSB proposal to lower the legal limit for intoxication included recommendations that states allow the confiscation by a police officer of the license of a driver who exceeds the state BAC limit or who refuses to submit to a BAC test.

Former customs officer convicted of rape

A former customs officer received six years in prison after his conviction for raping two women in Orange County. The 33-year-old defendant plead guilty to two felony charges of rape and faces lifetime sex offender registration as well as prison time for the crimes. These charges involved crimes that were allegedly committed when he was working for U.S. Customs. The defendant was charged with the first rape in connection with an incident that occurred in September of 2009. A young woman was drinking at a bar in Long Beach and claims the defendant raped her after she lost consciousness and then left her lying alone in the bushes. The second rape charge came out of an incident in November of 2010 in which the suspect allegedly hired a prostitute and then raped her in Garden Grove after she attempted to leave.

California inmate released after constitutional rights were violated

More than twenty years after being convicted and sentenced to death, a Hispanic man is finally breathing free air again after being granted appeal for the conviction for which he has always maintained innocence.

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