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3 ways you could accidentally commit credit card fraud

Committing credit card fraud may be the last thing you intend to do. While this is a term often used to describe a wide range of theft and fraud using a credit card, it usually has an association with unauthorized credit card charges. There are seemingly innocent or accidental actions you can take that can get you in financial or legal trouble.

Former managers convicted of corruption

It is no secret that when you get to the top, you have to tread carefully. The more power you hold within your position of employment, the more carefully scrutinized you are likely to be. The slightest mistake can not only be devastating for your organization, but can also place you under suspicion. Depending on the extent of the damage done, you could even face criminal charges and be accused of fraud, corruption or similar offenses.

California woman accused of embezzlement

In California, some jobs come with a lot of responsibility. You could be responsible for company assets, finances, transactions or any number of equally sensitive areas. Unfortunately, the people holding such jobs often come under considerable scrutiny. If a single cent goes missing, you could find your integrity being questioned. Sadly, it may be the case that you simply made a mistake, but if it appears that your actions were deliberate, you could face charges of fraud, embezzlement or any number of other white collar offenses.

What constitutes a white collar crime?

People in positions of power and influence, such as salaried professionals or influential businesspeople are often watched closely for any abuse of power. A corrupt individual could potentially sway large numbers of people and do a lot of damage. If a crime is perceived to have been permitted by one of these people, there is a good chance it will be a white collar crime. As is explained on FindLaw, these crimes are usually motivated by financial gain and characterized by deceit.

Recycling centers in California shut down on fraud suspicions

When companies become the subject of criminal investigations, many of their employees can become implicated in the charges against them. Unfortunately, this can mean that innocent individuals face charges for fraud despite being unaware of the criminal conduct of their employer. Fortunately, innocence is assumed until guilt is proven, so these individuals may still avoid conviction if they are not shown to have been involved in the crime.

California teenager held on credit card fraud suspicion

If you have ever been charged with a federal offense, you will know all too well the effect it can have on your life. Whether or not there is any basis to the allegations you face, the process of investigation and attempting to fight the charges can be draining at best. Unfortunately, federal sentencing guidelines can often be severe, so a good defense is critical.

California man sentenced to jail for recycling fraud

When most people hear about white collar crimes, they may think of mortgage fraud, embezzlement and money laundering schemes. However, more people in California may become familiar with recycling fraud due to a recent criminal case. A California man pleaded no contest to recycling fraud and was sentenced to serve 178 days in prison. He was also required to pay $146,000 in restitution and serve five years of probation for his role in the recycling scheme. 

Man taken into custody for renting out homes he didn't own

A 50-year-old California man has been sentenced to four years of incarceration after he was found to be renting Orange County homes he didn't own to unsuspecting tenants. He accomplished this unusual feat by filing quitclaim deeds against the homes. The properties were "distressed," meaning some had been foreclosed and were bank-owned, but others were privately owned by people who did not currently occupy them.

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