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Theft and Property Crimes Archives

California laws regarding identity theft, part 1

Insofar as California law is concerned, there are two broad categories of identity theft. First, there is theft that involves a perpetrator illegally obtaining some form of another person's identification and using it to damage that person's reputation or for financial gain.

Vandalism charges and defenses

Destroying another person's property without consent qualifies as vandalism. This could include making unnecessary changes, painting graffiti, breaking windows and even hacking into someone's personal website and making changes. Although some people consider vandalism like graffiti to be artistic, the United States law does not agree.

Things you should know if charged with shoplifting

Shoplifting is the act of concealing an item for sale and leaving without paying for it. It is treated as larceny, which is the theft of another person's property without permission. Some states have made specific statutes that deal with shoplifting only. Other than stealing merchandise, any attempt to avoid paying for something is considered shoplifting.

Types of credit card theft

Credit fraud is a term used to describe any illegal act involving credit cards. The unauthorized use of another person's credit card information to remove funds or make purchases is called credit card fraud. It is a form of identity theft and might lead to severe consequences for the perpetrators.

Theft and larceny law in California

Theft can take many forms subject to the property value. In California, there are two types of theft; petty theft and grand theft.  The degree of the petty crime is dependent on the value of the property.  A person who has committed petty theft can be sentenced to prison for six months or more and pay a fine of $1,000.00. If the petty theft crime is no more than $50.00, then the prosecutor can scrap the case.  An example of a petty theft that is inconsequential, and will not result in a felony charge, is stealing an ice-cream from a shopping mall. However, if the defendant has stolen more than $250.00, then the charge will be a misdemeanor or infraction.

California man pleads guilty to multiple theft counts

A lot of people commit crimes and get away with them, but there are also many who don't get so lucky. Whenever a person has been caught and they are accused of a crime, they should remember that they have options for handling the situation. Depending on what is said to them by police or authorities, they may be convinced that pleading guilty is the only way to go, but this isn't always necessarily the smartest choice.

An attorney can help you with your theft charges

Whenever someone is charged with a crime, they have several options for handling the situation. While many people may admit defeat and accept that they are being charged with a crime, others choose to fight the charges and deny their involvement in a crime. Depending on what has happened to you, you may decide that fighting the charge is the better option. At this point, you will want to hire an attorney, as they may be able to help you beat the charges.

Suspects face multiple charges after check forging arrest

Everyone's life is filled with challenges. How we choose to face these challenges can determine the course of our lives. Sometimes a person may make mistakes which lead to still other mistakes. If these mistakes are in the service of committing illegal acts, then the consequences could be serious and far-reaching.

What are the penalties for auto theft in California?

Many people are familiar with the phrase "grand theft auto," because it is the name of a popular video game. Others may have heard the phrase on TV shows or in movies that feature high-speed car chases. Of course, most people understand that grand theft auto involves stealing a motor vehicle, but the severity of this criminal act is often not so clear.

Struggles can compel good people to commit thefts

Most people have plans and dreams. But we all face many struggles in trying to make those plans and dreams into reality. And sometimes those difficulties can seem overwhelming. Some people struggle to make a living in a time where rent and other prices keep going up while wages stagnate. In fact, it can be hard to find a job that allows a person to make ends meet.

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