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What acts are considered credit card fraud?

Using someone else's credit card is not a violent offense. Often those who do it are in a bind and simply have no other financial sources to draw from. Some people even believe that credit card theft is a victimless crime as the card owners are protected from having to pay for unauthorized charges. But credit card theft is a criminal offense and if you are arrested and charged, you could face fines and jail time.

Three arrested for alleged package theft in Irvine

Receiving a theft charge in California can create all sorts of problems. First, your reputation is placed in jeopardy as having a criminal conviction on your record could limit your future opportunities. Further, thefts may be considered misdemeanors or felonies based on the value of what was allegedly taken. An individual charged with theft may be facing penalties ranging from fines to incarceration.

Woman alleged to have sold fraudulent Disneyland tickets

Often, when people are arrested for theft-related crimes, they are issued a number of charges relating to their alleged activities. The different charges are typically interconnected. This may be because one illegal act can lead to other alleged illicit actions.

What are some possible defenses against burglary charges?

Being arrested for burglary could lead to a felony conviction that alters the course of your entire life. As such, it is very important that you understand exactly what constitutes a valid burglary charge. A burglary charge has three primary elements. First, that the suspect committed a break-in and entry without authority to do so. Second, the break-in occurred at an occupied structure or building. And third, the break-in was done with the intent to commit a criminal act.

A theft charge can hinge on the accused's intentions

Many residents of California have found themselves engaged in an activity of some sort or another where they suddenly realize that they could get into a lot of trouble if caught. Fortunately, these minor incidents often go unheeded and nothing more is thought of them. However, not everyone is so lucky, and it is all too easy to get picked up for a minor offense that you would never normally have committed.

Can you be charged for borrowing an item?

It is no secret in California that theft can lead to serious criminal charges and the possibility of hefty fines or even a prison sentence. Furthermore, a conviction for this sort of offense can be extremely damaging to your reputation. However, it is a sad fact that it is possible to be accused of theft when you have done nothing wrong. For example, you may have borrowed an item from a neighbor who later forgot they had lent you the item and thought you have stolen it.

Shoplifting charges can have serious consequences

Many residents of California have extremely busy lives. Rushing from one place to the next, trying to get everything done before the day is out, it is easy to become careless or forgetful. Unfortunately, sometimes this can get you into serious trouble, especially if the mistakes you made can be construed as a deliberate attempt at committing a crime.

Shoplifting can carry heavy penalties

It is no secret that a criminal record can have a significant impact on your future in California. It can affect your job prospects, eligibility for benefits or housing and even come into play in child custody cases. The nature of the conviction determines how great an impact this may have on your life, but it is never something to be taken lightly. As such, a good defense is vital if you are facing criminal charges.

Know the different types of theft

If you end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, it is all too easy to become implicated in a crime you did not commit. This is often the case with theft charges. If something goes missing and you were seen in its vicinity shortly beforehand, you could come under suspicion. Similarly, stolen items may even be planted on you, in your home or even in your vehicle.

Do not let theft charges ruin your future

Property crimes can be very delicate, particularly if they relate to alleged thefts from an organization by which you are employed. Furthermore, convictions relating to theft can seriously impact the way people around you perceive you, both on a personal and professional level. Friends and family may be unwilling to trust you in their homes while employers may be reluctant to give you access to aspects of their business.

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