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Theft and Property Crimes Archives

Do not let theft allegations ruin your future

The misappropriation of property is a serious matter and if something ends up in your possession illegally, you could face serious consequences. However, the matter is far from simple, as it is possible for you to acquire an object without realizing that it is stolen property. In other cases, an item may be planted or left somewhere that makes it appear to be in your possession. Worse still, the property may not turn up at all, yet you become implicated in its theft during the course of the investigation.

What is the difference between petty theft and grand theft?

Theft charges can have a dramatic effect on both your personal and professional lives, not to mention your future. If you are convicted, employers may be less willing to hire you, while friends and family may be unsure if they can trust you. Even more of a worry are the penalties associated with conviction. You could face fines or even a prison sentence. In a recent article, we discussed a man charged with stealing from a motor speedway.

Man charged over theft from speedway

Being charged with theft can be a serious matter. In California, as is the case throughout the United States, authorities will go to great lengths to track down those responsible for such offenses. However, it is not always easy to find the right person and this can mean that innocent people become implicated along the way.

Larceny charges can be beaten

When disputes arise about property, they can quickly become heated. Perhaps you took too long to return something, perhaps it went missing and you were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. There are any number of ways you could be falsely accused of larceny. The important thing is what you decide to do about it.

California pair arrested for theft

Being found in possession of stolen property, however large or small, can have serious repercussions. Furthermore, while you are under investigation, you could face suspension from your job and damage to your reputation. Although being faced with a theft charge is distressing and exhausting, it is important to stay calm and focus on your defense. A charge is no guarantee of a conviction and many innocent people face false allegations at one time or another.

California woman investigated over credit card theft

In California, the laws surrounding theft are fairly unforgiving. The problem is that no matter the scale of the crime, once it is on your record, it can have damaging consequences for your reputation and your employment prospects. There are many reasons individuals might end up being charged with theft, but the result is the same. In a recent case in California, one woman has been charged with using stolen credit cards.

Criminal charges can come after bragging about crime on Facebook

A majority of Californians use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Many people use these sites to stay connected with their family and friends, but some people use these sites to brag about their recent activities. While there is nothing wrong with using social media, you could face serious criminal charges if you post about illegal activities online.

Police apprehend 2 men suspected of series of home robberies

Two men, ages 20 and 17, have been taken into police custody for their alleged involvement in a string of residential burglaries in northern Orange County. Authorities state that the 20-year-old man admitted to committing 11 burglaries and 10 attempted burglaries in Placentia between October and late December. He reportedly further confessed to other acts of robbery in parts of Orange County, which are currently under investigation by the Orange County Sheriff's Department. Reports indicate that the man is in Orange County Jail with bail set at $20,000 for possession of stolen property and possession of cocaine on top of theft charges.

Man could lose hand after alleged theft

A California man who was supposedly attempting to take wiring from government property on Oct. 19 could lose his hand after he was seriously shocked. Earlier in the week, another person also suffered a bad shock during an alleged theft. The juvenile correction facility where the incident occurred is now closed. The subject, who is in his 50s, should survive but was hospitalized after he burned both hands.

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