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2 men taken into custody hours after release from jail

Two California men who reportedly have extensive records have been accused of teaming up in a series of thefts. After befriending each other in jail, the 35-year-old man and 37-year-old man were both released at the same time Sept. 25. Within hours of their release, authorities say, the men ended up being booked at Orange County Jail for alleged auto theft and attempting to rob a police officer. According to reports, intoxication may have been a factor in the alleged crimes.

Alleged theft of watch may mean felony charge

A 32-year-old man was arrested on Sept. 16 for an alleged theft in Orange County. The Newport Beach resident was accused of stealing a watch from a jewelry store in Westminster. The alleged theft resulted in the man being charged with a robbery and sent to Orange County Jail. He may face a criminal trial for the incident with the possibility of a felony charge.

California woman sees her stolen property returned.

The victim of a burglary has had nearly all of her stolen property returned thanks to a tip from a fellow musician. The California woman had eight harps stolen from her Sacramento home. After the theft, a local news station ran a report featuring the woman's story. A musician saw the story and later recognized the harps at a local flea market. The musician alerted police, who then arrested the vendor selling the harps and charged him with possession of stolen property.

Accused thief locked inside convenience store

A 30-year-old man suspected of stealing cigarettes was locked inside of a California convenience store with the clerk. Events that unfolded after he was locked in the store have led to further charges for more serious crimes. In addition to robbery, the accused is now facing charges of resisting arrest and battery of a police officer. The incident took place at a Stockton convenience store located near North California Street and East Sonoma Avenue.

Thousands may be affected by California identity theft ring

According to the Glendale Police department, an identity theft and phony credit card manufacturing ring bust could have affected thousands of people. The department went on to say that the ring could result in millions of dollars in losses. The investigation that sparked the busting of the ring was launched when a man was arrested for having possession of re-encoded credit cards during a traffic stop. After officers found the re-encoded credit cards, they obtained a search warrant for a business that the man owned. There, they seized evidence of fake credit card manufacturing. Several arrests were made in connection with the ID theft operation.

Video allegedly shows mail theft

On May 9, a 24-year-old Riverside woman was arraigned in Superior Court on charges related to identity theft and selling or transferring a credit card with the intent to defraud. The woman plead not guilty to both theft charges. She is scheduled for another court appearance on August 2. Her attorney did not respond to a telephone call from the media seeking comment.

California man accused of planning "elaborate grand theft"

California residents may be interested to learn of a situation involving an alleged grand theft scheme. On May 24, police executed a search warrant at a mobile home. They claim to have found more than 50,000 rounds of ammunition and a weapons cache that included rifles, shotguns and handguns. The man is also alleged to have possessed armor-piercing bullets, which are illegal under California law.

Man arrested for samurai sword robbery

A 37-year-old Joshua Tree, California, man was accused of planning to rob a nearby home. The suspect is alleged to have donned a disguise that included women's clothing, a mask and a samurai sword then proceeded to walk 150 yards to a home where he set off a motion alarm. The man allegedly fled the scene of the would-be theft when the homeowner confronted him with a shotgun, firing a warning shot into the air. The homeowner was said to have been suspicious after eight previous burglaries. When the motion-sensitive alarm was set off, he decided to confront the person with a loaded shotgun. The homeowner stated that when he fired a warning shot, the man fled, losing his shoes in the process.

Husband and wife team sentenced for $7 M theft

A couple from Newport Coast, California were convicted and sentenced in March to federal prison for fraud charges stemming from their alleged theft of $7 million from a consortium consisting of seven separate banks. The alleged white collar crime resulted in the husband receiving a sentence of 21 months while his wife was sentenced to three years. The couple was also ordered to pay $4.7 million in restitution. The couple owned an import business in Anaheim and were accused of obtaining a $130 million line of credit from the banking consortium. The charges alleged that they defrauded the banks by overstating their accounts receivable by millions of dollars in order to access the funds. The couple eventually pleaded guilty to the charges and also admitted to falsification of records.

Two released and one charged with California yacht theft

A man and his girlfriend were released from police custody after another man was charged with the theft of a luxury yacht. The three individuals were originally charged with the theft of the 82-foot yacht, but police were forced to release the couple after determining that there was no evidence to indicate that the boat was stolen.The luxury ship, which is valued at $2.8 million, was stolen from the pier at Sausalito Yacht Harbor, according to police. Authorities believe that the 63-year-old suspect broke into the yacht, found the keys and took off down the coast on a pleasure cruise with the other couple aboard. The suspect is being held on $1.01 million bail.

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