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Defenses that can be used when you are facing drug charges

Everyday around the United States people are caught with drugs and end up being charged with a drug crime. Whether or not they are convicted of this crime depends on a number of things, but mostly their defense and how they plead. Ideally, when a person pleads not guilty to a drug crime, or any crime, their defense will explain why they aren't guilty of the crime.

Things to consider when taking a plea deal

Not everyone decides to commit a drug crime in their life, but for those who do, there are consequences to these actions. No matter what drug you may have possessed, probation, jail time and fines are all possible punishments. People can't always be sure what will happen to them if they are sent to trial after being charged with a drug crime. Because there can sometimes be uncertainty about what will happen if a case goes to trial, many people have agreed to a plea deal. Should someone be presented with this option, there are a few things they will want to consider:

  • Are you guilty of the crime you have been charged with?
  • What does your attorney believe is the best option?
  • Will you have to serve less jail time if you agree to plea bargain?
  • Can you afford the various fees associated with the trial?

Federal agencies use national security act for drug cases

Recent terrorism-related attacks, both in this country and abroad, have created demands from some quarters to increase surveillance on those suspected of plotting to do others harm. And while most people find the idea of keeping a close eye on established and potential terrorists a positive thing, it is important to realize the full ramifications of U.S. surveillance policies.

Four arrested in DEA designer drug bust

Recently in Los Angeles, the Drug Enforcement Administration arrested four men from Southland, issuing them money laundering and federal narcotics charges. The arrest was the culmination of a yearlong investigation, during which it is alleged the men produced pills that contained a synthetic opiate. The opiate, known as acetyl-fentanyl, was said to have been imported from China and is described as being more potent than heroin.

Crystal meth addiction can lead to other illegal activities

We live in a very demanding world. Often our responsibilities are such that it seems there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done. And sometimes it would be very helpful to have extra energy when we get run down. Unfortunately, sometimes the desire to keep going will lead a person to use illegal stimulants.

Young people vulnerable to prescription drug addiction

There is a myth that issues of substance abuse are confined to the fringes of society. But the fact is that drug addiction is a human condition that crosses all socioeconomic borders. People of all ages and backgrounds suffer from addiction. This is especially true with regards to prescription drugs. Many of these drugs are extremely potent, making them highly addictive.

Drug addiction can lead to taking serious risks

To some people, it is a disease for which there has never been found a sure-fire cure. Other people think of it as a criminal act that deserves punishment. But, for those caught in its web, drug addiction is often a never-ending nightmare that has a few highs, a lot of lows and tremendous dangers.

Orange County residents charged in federal court for drug crimes

As you may be aware, drug laws are in a period of flux in the United States. For example, two states have actually legalized the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. However, regardless of these changes, being issued charges for a drug crime can still be a very serious problem. This can be especially true for federal drug charges.

When searching for drugs, police must obey the Fourth Amendment

Being approached by the police can be a very stressful experience. This is especially true if the officers are attempting to connect you to activities related to the possession or trafficking of illegal drugs. If you find yourself in such a compromising position, you may feel that the authorities hold all the cards, but this is not necessarily the case.

A plea deal may allow you to secure a lighter sentence

In California, drug-related crimes are not uncommon and the authorities are constantly on the lookout for any signs of involvement in such activities. As such, if even a slight suspicion has been raised regarding your connection with controlled substances, there is a chance that you could be faced with a lengthy criminal investigation.

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