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Some federal crimes carry capital punishment

Criminal penalties in California can vary dramatically depending upon the crime in question, not to mention the history of the alleged perpetrator. For example, a person with no previous convictions may receive a lighter sentence or have a better chance of negotiating a plea deal than someone with a history of prior offenses.

Can federal crimes lead to capital punishment?

As you may already know, being charged with a federal crime in California can have life-changing consequences. Depending on the nature of the crime and its perceived severity, you could face the loss of your professional licenses, hefty fines and lengthy prison sentences. Prior convictions can also exacerbate your final sentence.

Can you be charged with kidnapping your own child?

Most residents of California will be very aware that kidnapping is a serious offense. In general, this is defined as transporting a person to another location against their will or holding them in a controlled space. This falls under state and federal law and as such can be charged as a federal offense. However, what happens when the person being moved or confined is the child of the alleged kidnapper?

Is there capital punishment for federal crimes?

Being charged with a federal crime is a serious matter and this is no different in California. Penalties can be extremely harsh for some federal offenses and conviction can have life-changing consequences. In fact, certain federal crimes still carry the death penalty, although the statutes in question are not always upheld.

Federal court has stricter rules on plea bargains

If you are facing criminal charges, you may be very worried about the future. Conviction can have severe implications for your personal and professional life, as well as your prospects. This is particularly the case if you are sentenced to time in jail, as you will effectively be removed from society and the life you know for the duration of your sentence.

Federal grand jury indicts 2 on fraud charges

Being tried on the federal level is an extremely serious matter and can have extremely severe penalties. These charges can take many forms, with fraud being a common option. The problem with this is that fraud is inferred from a misrepresentation of yourself or other information. While this can be an attempt to profit from deception, sometimes it could simply be an honest mistake. In the world of business, the desire to get ahead can cause some to stray into illegal practices.

The right defense is crucial when faced with federal charges

Being accused of any crime is a daunting experience and the ensuing criminal investigation can be extremely taxing for both you and your family. Every case is different, so there is no hard and fast rule for what to expect if you find yourself in this situation. The nature of the accusation, the number of charges and even any previous convictions can all affect the severity of your situation. Similarly, the matter of whether the case is to be prosecuted in a federal or state court is also important.

Federal drug convictions often lead to harsher sentences

If you have ever been charged with a criminal offense, it is likely that you already know how stressful and distressing it can be. Drug charges can turn your life upside-down. Your employer may lose confidence in you, while friends and family may be unsure what to think. On top of that, you may have to go to court and face charges that could ultimately change your life.

What to expect if arrested for a federal crime

Any form of criminal investigation is a matter to be taken seriously. Regardless of the severity of the alleged crime, you could face a lengthy investigation and may have to go to court. As we saw in a previous post, it is possible to fall foul of federal laws without realizing you were doing anything wrong. Each state has its own laws which may differ to some extent from federal laws. Similarly, the process for dealing with criminal cases varies between the state and federal systems.

Federal charges threaten California landscaper

When you consider the type of crimes required to warrant a federal investigation, you might not realize just how easy it is to fall afoul of federal laws. A mistake when filing your taxes could lead to a tax fraud investigation. Visiting the wrong website could connect you with Internet crimes. For one landscaper in California, it was doing his job that put him at risk of federal charges, when he allegedly caused harm to some birds.

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