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Santa Ana man convicted of burglaries and assaults

Jurors voted to convict a Santa Ana man of sexual assault against two girls ages 11 and 13 as well as impose sentencing enhancement related to burglary. Part of the suspect's criminal defense denied that the burglaries were for the purpose of sexual molestation, but the jury chose to add the sentencing enhancements despite the suspects' claims. The defendant now faces up to 194 years to life in prison.The charges sprang from five incidents in which the suspect allegedly broke into Orange County homes of young girls and women and touched or fondled them. In investigating the two cases for which the defendant was convicted, police uncovered evidence of several other alleged breaking-and-entering and fondling attempts.

Man suspected of burglary in Atascadero

A man suspected of burglary in Templeton was arrested when police found him hiding in a riverbed after investigating reports of burglary involving a man wearing camouflage and carrying a machete. Authorities discovered that a local home had been burglarized and began a search for the suspect. The California Highway Patrol helicopter provided support while the San Luis Obispo Sheriff's deputies, assisted by K-9 units, conducted the search.He was found in a riverbed at the side of Highway 101 in Atascadero and was armed with a hunting knife. He surrendered the weapon after police gave him a command to drop it. The suspect was arrested for being under the influence. Police are continuing their investigation to determine if the burglary was also perpetrated by the suspect. Charges have not been filed.

Los Angeles drug sweep results in 12 arrests

Twelve of the 14 people named in a federal indictment for drug charges were arrested in Los Angeles and Orange counties recently as part of a crackdown on alleged "marijuana stores" that may have put as much as 1 ton of marijuana on the streets. The stores are alleged to have produced millions of dollars in income for the individuals named as conspirators in the charges.The man thought to be the mastermind of the operation also faces charges of tax evasion for failure to pay federal taxes and for giving instructions to an employee to destroy records that linked him to the money. The suspect is also facing charges of possession of weapon after being convicted of previous drug charges.

California educator charged with workers' compensation fraud

A teaching assistant was recently arrested on multiple counts of workers' compensation fraud in Southern California. Faced with counts of felony fraud, he was picked up by officers of the California Department of Insurance Fraud Division and officers from the Los Angeles County Probation Department and is currently incarcerated. As an employee of the Los Angeles County Office of Education, he filed a claim alleging injury to his back while ending an altercation within the classroom. In March 2009, he saw a physician for an evaluation. During that time, he stated that he was harmed during the fight. In April 2009 and December 2009, he allegedly provided false information to investigators about his injuries. Even though he claimed that the damage to his back was related to an incident on school grounds, investigators concluded that was not the case.

Police suspect gang members in 2 Anaheim shootings

Police say that two shootings that took place in Anaheim recently may have been perpetrated by gang members. While no one has been charged with the crime yet, authorities believe that rival gangs were busy this weekend with retaliatory attacks on each other. Those arrested could be facing serious charges.In one incident, two individuals, 21 and 19, and a 6-year-old child were leaving a party on West La Palma Avenue when they were shot at by who police believe to be rival gang members. None of the three sustained gunshot wounds, but they were injured by flying glass.

Ocean Beach man arrested for DUI

A man was recently arrested for a DUI after police were alerted through a 911 call that a person was driving in an erratic manner in the community. The man charged with the crime is about 50 years old and was arrested in Ocean Beach.At the time of the arrest, the driver pulled into the parking lot near the beach and parked in a handicapped spot, which he was registered to do. As he was beginning to pull out of the parking place, officers blocked his vehicle with their own and instructed him to exit the vehicle.

4 Californians charged with fraud for allegedly duping investors

Some California readers may have heard that authorities recently uncovered an alleged fake drilling project run by four people from California. Four people have been charged with federal offenses in the possible scam on an Indian reservation in another state. According to reports, numerous individuals across the nation funded the oil project and invested more than $670,000 in the company.

Ex-prosecutor insists evidence tampering in O.J. Simpson trial

You'd be hard pressed to find someone in California, or anywhere in the nation for that matter that hasn't heard about the O.J. Simpson trial, made infamous by Johnnie Cochran's statement of "if it doesn't fit, you must acquit." The Simpson defense was relieved when the jury returned a verdict of not-guilty.

Former adult film star pleads guilty to DUI in Orange County

Facing a criminal charge can be one of the most stressful experiences for residents in Orange County and across the country, especially when the charge is publicized in the media. Although some charges, such as a drunk driving charge, cannot always be dropped, a strong criminal defense can help mitigate the consequences of such an allegation. Jail time or a suspended license resulting from a DUI conviction can lead to serious issues when it comes to a person's job, as well as damage their reputation.

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