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Malibu resident accused of looting

Most people who live in California have witnessed in some form wildfires in various areas of their state. These events are no longer contained to remote or rural areas and sadly leave too many people without their homes and belongings. In 2018, the state has experienced its most deadly and destructive fires in history. One of these fires even ravaged through the relatively wealthy community of Malibu in the southern portion of the state.

The use of eyewitness testimony in criminal trials

When people go on trial for a crime, there is often evidence linking that person to the crime. In some cases, however, the evidence may be circumstantial and the answer as to whether the person on trial actually committed the crime isn’t so clear. Eyewitness testimony may be used to show that the defendant was present during the crime. Yet, research shows that eyewitness testimony is not always accurate and may lead to an innocent person being wrongfully convicted. When testimony is entered in court, the jurors may not understand that the witness’s identification of the suspect may not be valid.

How is stalking defined in California?

It can be difficult to pinpoint the behaviors that count as stalking in California, especially if you are accused of something you did not intend or your actions were misinterpreted. For example, if you asked a co-worker out and she refused, then you approached her later to engage in friendly conversation and she accused you of stalking her, you might be confused as to what you did wrong. It is important to understand the actions that can result in you being charged with a stalking offense.

The damage of a false accusation

Assault charges can have a serious effect on every party involved, including the alleged offender. Many Californians have had the frustrating experience of wading through such dilemmas before a fair investigation is even underway. An assault charge is generally serious, but not all cases reflect the truth. Some California residents have found themselves in the aftermath of false accusations, only to be faced with the challenge of reclaiming a reputation. 

New device may be used as pot breath test

Many people who live in California are proud of their state for once again being among the leaders when it comes to changing societal attitudes. California is one of the few states to have made legal the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. While several residents appreciate and enjoy the ability to smoke pot or consume marijuana in some other form, others are putting their efforts toward finding ways to crack down on these people.

Plea agreement pros and cons

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime in California, you must now navigate the criminal justice and legal system. This can be a challenging thing especially if you have never been arrested before and do not know what to expect. In theory, every person has the right to prove their innocence and that includes the right to have a trial by a jury. However, some have put forth the notion that that right may be not fully available to some defendants.

What are the details or attorney-client privilege?

It is easy to fill alone when facing criminal charges in Irvine. You may feel that even those closest to you (despite their belief in both you and your innocence) might choose to distance themselves from you for fear of whatever implications may arise from your association. This solitude is no doubt compounded by the potential penalties you could be facing. For this reason, having an attorney on your side might be vital, as he or she can serve as both your advocate and confidant. 

Altercation between officer and woman caught on film

It is widely recognized that the law enforcement officers working in Irvine and elsewhere provide valuable services to the communities they support. Often, they are confronted with tense situations. While empowered to use their authority to help diffuse such situations, they are still expected to maintain their professional conduct at all times. In cases where they may not meet that expectation, their actions (and reactions) may justly be called into question

Encinitas man arrested for alleged burglary of mobile home

It may be easy for Irvine residents to fall into the trap of automatically assuming that one who has been reported to be arrested is guilty. This assumption may come from one of two beliefs: that people would not accuse one of a crime falsely, and/or that police would not bother to arrest one were they not entirely sure of his or her involvement in an offense. Yet there certainly may be cases where people might have ulterior motives in accusing others of crimes, or situations where police feel pressurre to take action, and thus may make a rush to judgment. 

Traffic stops and cocaine: facts to know

Not only can a drug charge take extensive time and money to resolve; it can begin to place a damper on a person's life. Most states take cocaine charges seriously, yet penalties have become less severe in the last two decades. However, there are facts to know about such charges in the state. 

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