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California's changing laws and how they affect shoplifting

A shoplifting charge may seem insignificant at first glance, yet when it comes to the bigger picture, such a crime can come with lasting effects. Even with the changes in California's shoplifting laws in recent years, those charged can deal with the repercussions for months and even years. The debate surrounding these changes appears to continue, but in the meantime, more recent reports show an increase in theft across the state. 

Nystagmus testing in drunk driving cases

Like most people in California, you may be aware that there are several different types of tests that law enforcement officers can ask you to participate in before they choose to arrest you and charge you with a driving under the influence of alcohol offense. This battery of tests are often referred to as field sobriety tests because they are conducted in the field versus in a police station, jail or at another location.

What happens after a false accusation?

When someone spreads false information about another person, a myriad of issues can ensue. When that person falsely accuses another of a heinous crime, those effects can escalate quickly, leaving the wrongly accused feeling lost, confused and, perhaps most of all, fearful for the future of their reputation. It is natural for Californians going through such difficult times to be concerned about the future, as there are hidden dangers in a false accusation that can hurt a person's reputation for years. 

A hidden danger in California's cocaine

No matter how big or small, a drug charge can be both a nuisance and a threat to one's reputation. Even in the most minuscule amounts, a cocaine charge in California can result in a misdemeanor or felony. Although the state's laws surrounding this drug have become less severe in recent years, countless professionals face a daunting future of legal procedures, fees and even time behind bars -- a process that can linger for years.

Ignition interlock device use in California

Residents in California who have been accused of and arrested for a suspected drunk driving offense will want to educate themselves about the potential penalties they may face if they are ultimately convicted of driving under the influence. One of the potential issues for people in this situation is the loss of their driving privileges. Some drivers, however, may be able to reinstate their ability to drive if they install and use an ignition interlock device.

Failure to pay payroll taxes can be a costly mistake

When business owners in California fail to remit payroll taxes to the IRS, the result is often national media attention in addition to prison sentencing and steep financial penalties. For example, U.S. News recently named a retail company owner who has received a tax evasion conviction that includes failing to pay withheld payroll taxes. Along with two years in prison, he has paid over $7.5 million.

Changes in criminal law and reduced drug busts

Major drug arrests have long been a common occurrence across the state of California. Yet changes in laws surrounding drug charges, as well as shifting attitudes towards the practicality behind drug busts, have cast a different light on such arrests in recent years. Regardless of California's gradually loosening grip on drug crimes, just one arrest could result in prolonged periods of  court dates and fees -- not to mention the potentially damaging effects such arrests can have on one's reputation.

Is ecstasy the next therapy drug?

Drugs are a hot topic in today's world, as they have recently landed in the spotlight of public scrutiny. Voices on both sides of the controversy stress the importance of some controlled substances as well as the risks, but the question remains: are the penalties for drug possession too severe? In California, that question may soon arrive at an answer. Similar to the debate surrounding the legalization of marijuana, some officials are debating the benefits that ecstasy could provide for those suffering from a number of complications. 

Orange county's opioid crisis and the outlook of narcan

The southeast region of the United States is not the only area affected by the opioid crisis. Recent news shows that California has taken a particularly large hit from the drug that has spawned a nationwide epidemic since 2010. Many may wonder what constitutes as a prescription drug or heroin possession charge, and what that charge might mean for their future. While the consequences of a heroin possession offense can be severe, a new drug called Naloxone has changed the outlook for this epidemic.

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