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Defending yourself against child abuse charges

Child abuse charges can lead to severe consequences because of the way in which society deals with offenders. If you get convicted of a serious child abuse charge, you might have to spend the rest of your life in prison. The less serious cases are considered misdemeanors and you may only spend a few years in prison. However, the problems for child abuse offenders continue even after they are out of prison.

Dealing with domestic physical abuse

Understanding domestic violence is challenging for most people. In some cases, a person may not realize that they are a victim of domestic abuse. Domestic violence is a pattern of abuse in a marriage or any other intimate relationship. It is further categorized into physical, sexual, emotional and economic abuse.

Defending first-degree murder

Being charged with first-degree murder could have severe consequences. If found guilty, the defendant could spend his or her entire life in prison. Some states allow the death penalty while others do not. The exact sentence for someone charged with first-degree murder depends on the state. Capital punishment is a legal penalty in California, and anyone found guilty of first-degree murder could be sentenced to death. Defending someone accused of first-degree murder is a complicated process. It requires a lot of preparation and strategic planning.

How does telling the truth work as a good defense?

Often, when a person is in trouble with the law and is facing charges, they may not be sure what they should tell the police. Many choose to lie and do not even consider telling the truth. This is especially true if they are guilty of the crime they are being accused of and know that if they are upfront and honest, they could end up getting the maximum sentence.

Defend yourself against a DUI

It's happened to the best of us at one time or another. You go out for drinks with friends and lose track of the time and how many drinks you've had. When it's finally time to head home, the alcohol plays tricks on your mind and you convince yourself that you're in a perfectly fine state to drive home. After all, it was just a few glasses of wine or a handful of beers, right?

Ways a criminal defense attorney will coach their clients

Should you find yourself facing criminal charges, you are likely looking for any help you can get. This is a time of great uncertainty and confusion. You may be wondering what your future holds.  Will you be convicted? Will you have to serve time in jail?

How can I defend myself against domestic violence charges?

Relationships are seldom conflict-free. All couples have their problems and disagreements, but even if such issues become irreconcilable, it's always best for all involved to find civil means of resolution. Unfortunately, sometimes emotions can run high and partners can do things that are regrettable.

What could justify lowering murder charges to manslaughter?

There is simply no way to overstate the seriousness of a murder charge. Most people understand the ramifications of being arrested for committing the act of murder. Even being investigated for the crime can have a negative impact on your reputation. And of course, those convicted of murder may be issued the most severe penalties permitted by the legal system.

What elevates the seriousness of an assault charge?

Words have meaning and some words can incite strong emotional responses. For example, in the minds of many people, the word "assault" may conjure images of a violent act. The phrase "assault with a deadly weapon" can be even more frightening as it implies a life-threatening action.

A DUI conviction could include use of ignition interlock device

In California, there are a number of penalties you may face if convicted of driving under the influence. These penalties can include fines, and in some circumstances, jail time. Another possible penalty the court may impose is the use of an ignition interlock device. An IID is a piece of apparatus that is installed in your car that measures your blood alcohol concentration. If the IID detects your BAC exceeds a preset level, it will disable your car.

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