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Alien demographic information misused by ICE employee

One of the obvious byproducts of the current information age is that people are often granted easy access to a wealth of data hat is normally considered confidential information. Through one's career in Irvine, he or she might be able to view countless data elements such as names, dates or birth, addresses and social security numbers. Access to such information typically comes as a privilege of one's job, with strict instructions regarding its retrieval, use and storage. Violations of such guidelines can not only result in one losing his or her job, but also leave him or her facing criminal charges. 

Counterfeit goods lead to economic loss

Have you ever complimented someone on an item of clothing, watch or tech toy and received in reply a story about how much money the owner saved when he or she bought it? Getting a good deal on a pricy item is something every California consumer seeks, and something they want to tell others about—even if the item is a knock-off. A look at the other side of the story, however, reveals how much money that item really costs in terms of economic impact.

The reality of an embezzlement charge

Embezzlement is a type of crime that can quickly become serious. The taking of another's funds or property -- no matter how insignificant the amount might be -- crosses the line of legal ownership. It is easy for Californians facing such charges to become lost in the whirlwind of penalties. These penalties can range from a misdemeanor to a felony, often with added fines or jail time. 

Padding expenses is a type of fraud

For some who live or work in the Irvine area, a little padding of traveling expenses is not a big deal. It is one of those things that fall in the same gray area as embellishing donations or business overhead on your income tax returns. Everyone does it and nobody minds, right? The truth is, even these “small” things are considered fraud, but the real danger lies in this manner of thinking. Committing these little frauds and getting away with them is a type of conditioning; the success you experience makes it easier to commit bigger frauds.

Gaining private information could lead to insider trading

Managing your own investment portfolio gives you more control over your financial future as you plan for your eventual retirement in California. However, there are many pitfalls when making trading decisions. Our legal team at Ron Cordova Attorney-at-Law often provide counsel to investors who are unsure whether their activities are illegal insider trading.

When white collar crime targets the elderly

Although state and federal governments alike take a hardline stance against white collar crimes, schemes targeting the elderly are particularly frowned upon. In fact, the National Center for State Courts encourages prosecutors to be creative when evaluating a case before charging an alleged offender.

The effects of an embezzlement charge

Like penalties for most crimes, a financial crime can stunt a person's ability to find new employment, maintain professional relationships and thrive as an individual. California's financial crime laws can be especially unforgiving, as they can cost a person thousands of dollars and even years behind bars. There are, however, ways to resolve such charges and move on with life, both personally and professionally.

Some virtual currency systems may be Ponzi schemes

Cryptocurrency use is legal in California and the United States, but although it is making waves throughout the country, many do not understand the pitfalls of this digital or virtual form of payment. explains that virtual currencies are often distributed by companies that allow customers to use the "money" in trade for their goods and services. People have to purchase digital currency with real money.

Review finds no proof of insider trading

California residents who work in executive-level positions are often compensated in part by stocks or other investments in a company. They may also choose to make stock purchases on their own for the companies for which they work. While there are laws surrounding when employees or executives of a company may buy or sell stocks, there may well be situations in which the legitimacy of some transactions is not always immediately apparent.

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