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Man pleads guilty to white collar crimes

When people in California think about someone being criminally charged with a white collar crime, they may think about movie plots involving organized crime. They may also think about very large, even international, corporations in which financial officers are accused of a myriad of offenses. However, these charges can apply to many types of individuals, companies and situations.

Ponzi schemes: the risks and the penalties

Ponzi schemes are no new occurrence in the state of California. Subsequently, the legal system does not take these types of operations lightly -- no matter how minor they may appear. One simple misstep in financial management can result in negative consequences for a lifetime, and can potentially wreck an individual's reputation and career. There are plethoras of media reports on Ponzi schemes, but knowing the details of penalties and those involved can increase future awareness on the issue.

When does petty theft become embezzlement?

So you stole a stapler from your office because you didn't have one at home and your kid needed one for a school project. Later that month you took a box of paper clips and then four highlighters and a sheaf of office paper. Maybe you took two or three sheaves over the course of a few months. 

At least 400 medical professionals are arrested on fraud charges

United States Department of Justice (DOJ) officials released a press release on Thursday, July 13, 2017, announcing that a Medicare Fraud Strike Force had made as many as 400 arrests in the past few days across Southern California. As for the charges the defendants face, they range from illegally prescribing or distributing opioids to filing fradulent Medicare claims.

Will I really serve jail time for white collar crimes?

White collar crimes carry a strange reputation in America, where we routinely see those accused of such wrongdoing have their cases dismissed or the charges lead to no real lasting consequences. While that may occur from time to time, you should not assume that a white collar crime will only lead to a fine or a slap on the wrist. Recently, a man from West Covina received a sentence of seven years in prison for white collar charges stemming from an ongoing scam involving false invoices for fire equipment inspection.

What are considered white collar crimes and how they're punished

Crimes such as fraud, corruption, embezzlement, tax evasion and environmental law violations all fall under the umbrella of white collar crimes. This term was first used in 1939 by the then-head of the American Sociological Society in a speech.

Bakersfield attorney arrested for $22 million in insurance fraud

A Bakersfield attorney, several of his family members, and two area doctors have been arrested and charged with having conspired in defrauding health insurance companies out of $22 million. A press release issued by the Orange County District Attorney's on May 23, 2017, alleges that the defendants registered fake employees for insurance, but had these individuals take daily urine tests they could bill for.

Owner of rehab facilities accused of taking $176 million

A judge with Los Angeles Superior Court ruled that prosecutors presented enough evidence necessary to move forward in trying the case of insurance fraud it had brought against a 55-year-old man. The man stands accused of having stolen his clients' identities, using their information to purchase health insurance policies without their consent and then double billing the insurers for services not rendered.

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