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Differentiating between tax evasion and negligence

According to some estimates, individual taxpayers commit more tax fraud than corporations. The IRS estimates show non-conformance of the tax code by taxpayers. Not all violations can be associated with tax fraud. To understand this, one needs to understand the difference between tax fraud and negligence.

Feds on constant lookout for money laundering schemes

If you routinely make large financial transactions, either for yourself or on behalf of a company or organization, there are some very important laws that you need to understand. The fact is, while small transactions do not typically receive attention from law enforcement officials, larger transactions are under constant scrutiny.

Former CFO facing multiple wire fraud charges

Thanks to modern technology, we have more ways than ever to communicate with others. Where once there was only the phone, now we can reach out and touch others via fax and a host of platforms that employ internet connectivity. On the whole, this is a very positive development. But on the downside, you could face wire fraud charges if you use any of these platforms in the commission of an alleged fraudulent act.

Insurance fraud charges hinge upon intent

If you've received word from an insurance company expressing the belief that a claim you filed was fraudulent, you need to take decisive action in addressing the situation. And while it may seem that filing an inaccurate or even false claim is a victimless crime, insurance companies take the matter very seriously. Insurance fraud, whether it involves property, auto, business or any other type of policy, is a crime and the state of California is well prepared to prosecute offenders.

Charged with telemarketing fraud?

Deceiving another person over the phone in order to get monetary benefit is called telemarketing fraud. It could include misrepresentation of facts of false advertising of a product. Telemarketing scams are very common in the United States and there are laws in place to prosecute anyone who is involved. Some examples of telemarketing fraud are fake lottery phone calls or phone calls misleading the victim into thinking they will receive something in exchange for their personal information.

Dealing with mortgage fraud charges

Mortgage fraud generally refers to illegal schemes and misrepresentation of data on mortgage documents. Lying on the forms or impersonating someone else on the forms could get you into a great deal of trouble in the future. Mortgage fraud can be carried out for housing purposes or monetary purposes. The sentencing depends on what type of mortgage fraud has been committed.

Medicare fraud

Any activity involving false representation of facts can be regarded as fraud. It is the misrepresentation of facts, often leading to monetary benefit. Fraud can take place in different businesses and industries. Healthcare fraud is one of the most common types of fraud. In some cases, people turn towards healthcare fraud if they are desperate to get treatment. False representation of one's history or financial situation is common in health care fraud, especially the Medicare program.

On what basis could a public official be charged with bribery?

Accepting anything of value in exchange for your influence is called bribery. Bribes may be taken by public officials or government officials to use their office as a way to make illegal money. Bribes are not always in the form of cash. In most cases, other tangible things like gifts are used to bribe officials with power. Prosecutors do not require a written agreement to prove that bribery has taken place but they must establish the intent of both parties. Both the offering and receiving party are held liable and charged with bribery.

Warning signs of embezzlement

Embezzlement may be defined as the conversion of assets by a person who manages the finances of an organization. It is usually done by someone who is trusted by the employer and can easily move finances around without anyone becoming suspicious. Embezzlement is considered a type of theft. Employers usually try to stay vigilant and look for indicators of embezzlement. Several scenarios may be considered embezzlement.

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