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Defense against money laundering and racketeering charges

People who make money illegally often try to pass it through a legitimate business. This makes it look like the money was generated through legal means. By investing money into the business, they can "launder" the money, making it look legal. This helps them use the money that they are making illegally without law enforcement agencies suspecting anything.

What you need to know about wire fraud

Fraud committed over interstate boundaries is called wire fraud. It may include scams like telemarketing fraud, phishing and other schemes hatched to defraud others for personal gain. Wire fraud is quite similar to regular fraud, except interstate communication is involved. Interstate communications include telephone lines, electronic communication and even television.

Stealing someone's identity

Obtaining the identity of another person through deceptive techniques is called identity theft. The identity may be used to abuse personal data and get economic benefit. Using another person's personal information is illegal in most states, and might lead to severe consequences for the perpetrator.

Understanding insurance fraud

Insurance is a means of protecting yourself from financial loss. It is one of the best forms of risk management available against any uncertain loss. And, as always, when large sums of money are involved, there is a high chance of fraud. There are several scenarios that could be considered insurance fraud. The most common insurance fraud is false or exaggerated claims in order to seek compensation for damages that never occurred. There are even some times when insurance providers are the ones committing fraud. Selling of unlicensed insurance coverage or theft of insurance premiums by brokers is also insurance fraud.

Learn the common kinds of white-collar crime

Mail fraud and wire fraud are white-collar crimes and a serious offense. You may receive a call for a bank wire transfer from an unknown number through a text message, phone call or email. This person may be attempting to deceive you. If you provide them with the necessary information, then the person scamming you will be able to access various accounts and could rob you of your earnings. This is a prime example of mail fraud and wire fraud, to obtain money illegally through a wire transfer.

Different types of fraud

A wide variety of crimes are committed every day in the United States. Whether it is a violent crime, nonviolent or white collar, there are consequences that must be faced should someone be accused of these crimes and are found guilty. Of the many types of white collar crimes, there some forms that are more common than others.

What factors must be present for a charge of embezzlement?

From drunk driving to money laundering, when people are suspected of committing a crime, it is likely that if the right amount of evidence is found, they will be charged and convicted. Embezzlement, like many white collar crimes, has serious consequences for those who are found guilty. However, if you are suspected of this crime, there are certain elements that must be present before you can be charged.

White collar crime cases may contain electronic paper trails

The term "white collar" is used to describe a portion of the workforce that performs administrative and other office-related functions. Most people who perform white collar jobs have achieved some measure of educational achievement and many have advanced degrees.

Discrepancies on tax forms can lead to audits and fraud charges

We are in tax season yet again, and unless you are anticipating getting a refund, you likely will be dipping into your personal accounts to send the government some money. Of course, no one enjoys this process, but not paying what you owe can ultimately be more costly than if you simply write the check and get it over with.

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