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Doctors and other professionals indicted for insurance fraud

For doctors and other medical professionals, it is critical to maintain a good reputation. Fair or not, all medical professionals are typically held to a higher degree of ethical standards by the public than the average person. This means that every allegation of impropriety to which you are subjected requires a strong response. And this is especially true if you have been accused of engaging in some sort of illegal activity.

Financial crime charges could undo life of hard work

Often, what sets cases dealing with so-called "white collar crimes" apart from other criminal cases is the type of person who is most likely to be accused of a white collar crime. Typically, a white collar crime is related to financial activities. And often those accused of such crimes are people who work hard at legitimate occupations.

Errors reporting employee information can lead to fraud charges

When a worker is injured on the job in California, he or she is quite likely eligible to receive workers' compensation. It is the responsibility of the employer to see to it that a claim is reported to the proper channels so that the worker gets the appropriate level of compensation.

Federal white collar crime defendants face aggressive prosecution

Being charged with committing a white collar crime such as embezzlement, insurance fraud and money laundering can be an extremely daunting experience. This is especially true if the charges come as a result of a federal investigation.

Holy Cow CEO enters guilty plea

When you work in a position of power within a company, you are typically held to a very high standard thanks to the responsibilities associated with your position. Of course, there are positives and negatives to this. On the one hand, it can mean a higher salary and improved employment opportunities in the future. However, it also means you can be closely scrutinized, and any mistake could have serious consequences, or even lead to an internal investigation.

What is securities fraud?

As many workers in California know, when you are in a position of great responsibility, you are also likely to come under a lot of scrutiny. Even a relatively minor mistake can have a significant effect on the business and could severely damage your reputation. This is more likely if the error appears to have benefited you in any way, as it could appear to have been deliberate. You may even find yourself facing criminal charges or be at risk of losing your job.

A good defense is key when accused of a white collar crime

As many people in California are aware, if you are accused of any sort of crime, it could cause you to be suspended from your job while the investigation is underway. This is even more likely to be the case if the crime that you are suspected of committing is associated with your job in any way. Many of these offenses involve some form of abuse of power, such as misappropriating company funds or even using the company to evade taxes or commit fraud.

A single mistake could ruin your reputation

If you hold a position of power in California, you may already be aware of the risks and responsibilities that can go with that role. A single mistake can quickly become a very serious matter, causing significant issues within the organization you work for. To make things worse, it might be assumed that the error was deliberate, particularly if it appears to have benefited you in any way. As a result, you could find yourself faced with criminal charges and a very uncertain future.

Money laundering can be a white collar crime

For businesses in California, one of the biggest worries is that someone within the organization may be corrupt and might attempt to use the company's assets or income to their advantage. As a result, anyone in a position of power within such an organization is often under scrutiny for the slightest mistake. If you work in such a position, you may find that any errors you make lead to extensive investigations and may even result in you being accused of abusing your power.

Former managers convicted of corruption

It is no secret that when you get to the top, you have to tread carefully. The more power you hold within your position of employment, the more carefully scrutinized you are likely to be. The slightest mistake can not only be devastating for your organization, but can also place you under suspicion. Depending on the extent of the damage done, you could even face criminal charges and be accused of fraud, corruption or similar offenses.

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