What You Need To Know About The Federal Government's Stance Toward Drug Crimes

You’ve seen firsthand how lawmakers and law enforcement agencies in California have gradually softened their stance toward drug crimes over the past two decades, putting less of a premium on punishment and incarceration, and focusing more on treatment and sentence reductions.

If you think, however, that the federal government has or will adopt a similar approach toward drug crimes, you’d be making a colossal mistake.

The truth is both federal prosecutors and law enforcement agents remain as committed as ever to fighting the war on drugs — even in progressive states like California.

This is significant, of course, as federal drug charges can result in:

  • Large fines
  • Limited possibilities for probation
  • Lengthy mandatory minimum sentences

Attorney Ron Cordova has a comprehensive knowledge of the criminal justice system and wants to share this knowledge with you. That’s why he’s published a new white paper explaining why it is that Californians must not underestimate the federal government.

Specifically, he wants you to read As Much as Times Change, Federal Drug Charges Stay the Same, as he believes it will help you better understand the nature of federal drug charges and the consequences of a conviction.