Money Laundering Defense In Orange County

Preeminent criminal defense lawyer, Ron Cordova, represents individuals facing money laundering and other financial criminal charges. Money laundering charges are often brought along with other charges such as racketeering, conspiracy, drug crimes and even acts of terrorism. If you are being investigated for money laundering or you are facing financial criminal charges, it is extremely important to seek experienced criminal defense immediately.

Early intervention is key in any criminal case. The sooner your defense attorney can start working on your case, the better your chances of a good outcome. This is because prosecutors started building their case against you the moment they began investigating your financial activities. Give your criminal defense attorney every advantage you can by reaching out for representation as soon as possible.

Experienced Money Laundering Lawyer Defending The Accused

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More Than 150 Jury Trials and 40 Years of Criminal Law Practice

With 40 years of legal experience, attorney Ron Cordova brings a huge depth of knowledge and incomparable skills to any financial crimes case. Having tried more than 150 jury trials, Ron Cordova knows what prosecutors want and what judges expect. Ron is knowledgeable about both the state and federal court systems and skilled in employing legal strategies to avoid a conviction and jail whenever possible.

What Is Money Laundering?

In general, money laundering is the act of covering up an illegal source of money. In the past, this was usually from an illegal enterprise such as drug trafficking or organized crime. In recent years, however, money laundering has also been connected to financial, corporate and other white collar crimes.

Prosecutors typically tack on money laundering with other charges such as:

  • Drug trafficking/manufacturing
  • Racketeering
  • Financial fraud like identity theft
  • Mail fraud or wire fraud schemes
  • Terrorism
  • Solicitation/prostitution
  • Additional information on money laundering

Free Initial Consultation On Money Laundering Defense

From his law office in Irvine, money laundering defense lawyer Ron Cordova represents clients charged with state and federal misdemeanor and felony offenses in Orange County and communities throughout Southern California. He represents clients charged with federal offenses in federal courts across the United States. To schedule a free initial consultation, call toll free at 949-769-2175 or contact the office by email as soon as possible.