Testimonials From Clients Of RON CORDOVA, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW

December 2012 I was arrested for DUI. I contacted several attorneys to discuss my case and to make my selection for legal representation. I selected Ron Cordova because he impressed me with his knowledge and experience handling DUI cases. Ron was very upfront and realistic regarding my case and never attempted to build false hopes or unrealistic expectations for the outcome of my case. The fees for his services were clearly explained at our initial meeting and never once deviated from our agreement. Ron was available in a timely manner to address my questions and concerns as they came up. My entire experience with Ron was very positive. I highly recommend Ron Cordova to anyone facing a DUI charge.


In 2004 I needed an Attorney for a criminal matter, due to the charges my life had changed dramatically overnight. I lost my job, my business, and was in need of someone I could trust, as my life was literally on the line. Shortly after being charged I met with Ron Cordova in person. I will never forget that first conversation with him, I was so scared as to what could happen next and having him take his time in explaining the entire process that I faced from beginning to end made me see that there was light at the end of the tunnel. After hiring Ron Cordova to be my defense attorney, he always answered my phone calls, every single time, even if it was just to say that he would call me back. I can tell you that this is so important for anyone who is facing legal action, criminal or civil. When you have a question or concern, you are a phone call away from speaking with a world class attorney who will always take the time to speak with you. After Ron successfully defended me in the criminal matter, yes I pled guilty, but I pled guilty on the best terms possible, and the fact is, I was guilty. The deal Ron negotiated reduced the time of jail by 87% compared to what the probation office had suggested. During the time I was incarcerated, Ron continued to try and help me by getting me on house arrest, he didn’t charge extra for this, he was simply determined to see this through, he wasn’t done being my attorney until all available options had been exhausted. If you are reading this and you are looking for an attorney, I highly recommend Ron Cordova. Ron is an unconventional attorney, he is willing to try and do things others won’t, possibly because they aren’t even aware of them. Ron is NOT the cookie cutter attorney you will see on billboards or large phone book ads, he is your personal attorney for life.


Ron Cordova, Attorney-at-Law helped me through a difficult and confusing time. I never had to appear in court, and I was able to make payments while I completed some court ordered classes. Once the classes were completed, my charges were dismissed. I hate to think what would have happened to me had I chosen to represent myself. I highly recommend Ron Cordova. He took the time to explain things to me over the phone and in person and kept in touch with me throughout the 6 month process that I went through with my case.


If you ever find yourself in a situation requiring a criminal defense, you need to act quickly and make good decisions regarding representation– and you need look no further than Ron Cordova. Ron is truly outstanding, and an absolutely excellent choice at a critical time when you can’t afford to make a poor decision regarding representation. It is clear to me that he knows the system from years of experience as both a prosecutor and defense counsel. Ron handled my case expeditiously, professionally and with demonstrated personal concern. As a result, my case was resolved in the best manner possible, with all charges eventually dismissed. Ron also helped me after the case, providing advice and documentation to assist me in mitigating any undue negative consequences of having been charged. Ron exceeded my expectations, and I recommend him unconditionally. His exceptional credentials and experience, combined with his determination and caring, make him a uniquely qualified choice.


Recently we found ourselves involved in a legal matter with a family member that really tested our faith in the criminal justice system. A search brought us to Ron Cordova, and we were grateful for his services. He was able to help us see through the emotion and get right to the heart of the matter. Ron’s ability to not only work with his clients but navigate the complex legal world with ease made all of the difference for us. I think that you’ll find him a wonderful partner to work with and I can’t recommend him highly enough. Ron is a trusted partner and completely reliable.


I could not say enough positive about Ron and his professional and efficient work. He helped us with family member who had a traffic matter which had gotten out of control due to inattention after the family member moved out of state and negligently lost touch with the matter. Ron efficiently handled the proceeding to a very positive conclusion without requiring a personal appearance by the out of state defendant. More than the results, however, Ron was fair in his billing, low maintenance in his process and exceedingly compassionate with the problem.


Sometimes a bad thing can happen to a good person. If you ever find yourself in a bind this is one person you can place your trust and hopes in. A true proven professional who knows the system and how to work within it.  I don’t think you can find better than this. The real deal. No nonsense. Your in good hands with Ron Cordova.  He’s been around the block. You really get quality here with proper direction and the best results possible. The man saved my butt.


I recommend MR. Ron Cordova 100% MR. Cordova tells you the way it is. if he says he can help you, you can take it to the bank.He dose not give you false hope. he tells you the way it is. MR. Cordova is the one and only attorney i would ever use. When you choose MR. Cordova you get the very best attorney money can buy. MR. Cordova is a MIRACLE WORKER. THANK YOU


Ron Cordova assisted me during an extremely difficult point in my life. Nothing can describe the amount of stress and turmoil one deals with when confronted by criminal charges, but Ron never wavered in his belief, not only in my case, but in me personally. He fought mercilessly on my behalf and had the charges against me reduced significantly. I couldn’t imagine having to navigate the legal system on my own and am extremely thankful Ron was there to guide the way. I couldn’t recommend Ron Cordova highly enough.


Ron Cordova is a superb criminal defense lawyer that was on top of my case from day one. He did exactly what he said he would do. Ron is very accessible and approachable. Every time I would worry or wonder what was going on with my case, he had the answers. He would always be accessible over the phone on the weekends as well. Ron is intelligent, as he knows the nuances of various procedures, laws, and statutes. His team that works for him does an outstanding job as well. His intern helped immensely with the research and recommendations on my case. Aside from Ron’s arduous professional work ethic, his personable character is what sets him apart. His humor and personality and ability to connect with people on a personal level help with dealing with the other side–i.e. prosecution. Ron is even doing extra work on my civil case, where he does not even have to. He is basically doing my civil lawyer’s work for him. Ron produces results and is honest throughout the entire process. Anyone that wants the best representation for themselves should hire Ron Cordova.