A Strong Defense For Violent Crimes Accusations

In California, a number of different offenses are deemed crimes of violence. Some of them are misdemeanors; the more serious offenses are felonies. The five principal classifications of violent crimes in California are:

No matter the severity of the offense with which you are charged, the penalties upon conviction can have a major negative impact on your future. It is in your best interest to obtain a lawyer as soon as possible to represent you in court to ensure the best outcome.

Choose The Right Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with a violent crime, the idea of putting your future and freedom in the hands of a lawyer can be unsettling. If you choose the right defense attorney, however, you are doing everything possible to avoid the worst consequences of a conviction.

Serving Orange County, California, as a prosecutor and defense attorney for over four decades, Ron Cordova knows and understands the intricacies of the legal system. He has the experience and skills necessary to effectively represent clients charged with violent crimes. Ron recognizes that the penalties of a violent crime conviction can have a disastrous impact on an individual’s future.

State And Federal Experience With The Toughest Charges

Ron Cordova is respected in both state and federal courts. During his distinguished career, he has tried more than 150 jury trials, many of which involved individuals charged with violent offenses. With his experience as a prosecutor, Ron anticipates the tactics and strategies prosecutors will use against his clients.

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When attorney Ron Cordova takes on a new case, his first order of business is learning every detail of his client’s circumstances. He will thus have the knowledge required to ensure a strong defense.

If you’ve been charged with a violent crime anywhere in California, you need to find a skilled and knowledgeable attorney to help ensure the best outcome possible in your case. Call Ron Cordova‘ Irvine office at 949-769-2175 to speak to him about your case, or make a request online for a free consultation.