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The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act was enacted in 1970 to give federal prosecutors an effective way of pursuing and charging those involved in organized criminal activity. In California, racketeering is aggressively prosecuted and a conviction can lead to serious penalties such as lengthy prison sentences, fines, damages and asset forfeiture.

Ron Cordova, Attorney-At-Law, has tried more than 150 jury trials in state and federal courtrooms across the United States. During Mr. Cordova’s 40-plus years in criminal law, he has served first as a prosecutor and then a criminal defense attorney, giving him valuable insight into the strategies required to challenge federal charges effectively. As a powerful and skilled trial lawyer, he is well skilled in challenging racketeering or other charges that have been brought against you.

What Constitutes Racketeering?

The act sets out 27 federal offenses and eight state offenses that are considered to be racketeering activity, from white collar offenses to crimes of violence. These include securities fraud, embezzlement, murder, kidnapping, arson, counterfeiting, illegal gambling and extortion.

Under RICO, a person can be charged with racketeering if he has profited financially from two or more of these “predicate crimes” within a 10-year period. A prosecutor must show that the incidents in question constitute a “pattern of criminal profiteering activity,” i.e. that they are not isolated, in order to secure a conviction.

Racketeering charges are often brought after a lengthy investigation, and a RICO defense is usually highly complex. Only an experienced, trial tested and knowledgeable attorney has the skills needed to prevent a conviction. With Ron Cordova and his office on your side, you will be represented by a well-respected defense attorney who has developed his craft over the course of a long and successful career.

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