Mistakes To Avoid Under California's Marijuana Laws

Though recreational marijuana use is now legal in California, the sale and possession of cannabis are still closely regulated in the state. With all the recent changes in marijuana law, the line between legal and illegal can seem unclear.

Attorney Ron Cordova has practiced criminal defense since 1979, and has closely followed developments in state drug policy. Here are some common mistakes Californians make without realizing they are at risk of being charged with a crime.

Selling Marijuana

The sale of marijuana is tightly regulated and requires a license issued by the state. Just because you have some legally purchased marijuana in your possession does not give you the right to sell it. Instead, you could be charged with marijuana possession with intent to sell.

Possessing More Than The Legal Limit

State law allows people over 21 to possess up to 28.5 grams of cannabis or up to eight grams of concentrated cannabis. Having more than that amount in your possession, or being below the legal minimum age, could result in misdemeanor charges, and could expose you to federal charges. Remember, marijuana possession is still illegal under federal law.

Ingesting Marijuana In Public

Smoking marijuana or eating edibles in public is against state law in most cases and could lead to an arrest.

Driving While Impaired

Similarly to drinking and driving, driving while impaired by marijuana is considered a serious crime. You could be charged with driving while high.

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