Defense Attorney If You Are Charged With Aggravated Assault

Assault is an attempt to physically strike another. Acting in a threatening way can also be charged as an assault. Aggravated assault is more serious than assault and thus punished more severely. The victim’s status, the perpetrator’s intent and the use of a weapon are all factors that can cause an assault to be raised to an aggravated assault.

Don’t Face An Assault Charge Alone

Aggravated assaults are usually felonies and simple assaults are misdemeanors. Whether you’ve been charged with assault or aggravated assault, it is vital that you obtain an experienced attorney to defend you.

Located in Irvine, California, attorney Ron Cordova has over four decades of experience as a defense attorney. Throughout his career, he has defended many clients accused of assault and aggravated assault. Based on his previous experience as a member of the California legislature and as a deputy district attorney, Ron is able to mount a strong defense for anyone charged with a crime of violence.

A Strong Defense For Aggravated Assault Cases

In both state and federal courts across the United States, Ron Cordova is recognized as a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney. Ron has tried more than 150 jury trials, including trials involving individuals charged with assault, battery and aggravated assault. With his unique experience, Ron Cordova knows which strategies are best in defending assault and aggravated assault cases. Because Ron has experience as a prosecuting attorney, he can anticipate which tactics the prosecution will rely on.

Dedicated To Your Case

Ron Cordova takes pride in his dedication to learning every detail about each assault and aggravated assault case he undertakes. Ron strives to create a strong defense for every client he represents.

If you have been charged with assault or aggravated assault, you should focus on obtaining a capable and effective lawyer to represent you in the courtroom. You can speak to Ron Cordova about your case by calling 949-769-2175 or by completing our online form to schedule an appointment for a free consultation.