Detailed Insurance Fraud Defense In Federal Court

An insurance fraud charge in federal court carries heavy potential penalties. Insurance companies push federal prosecutors to seek maximum penalties in these cases. If you have been charged with insurance fraud, you need an experienced, capable criminal defense attorney working for you.

Ron Cordova has served as a criminal defense attorney at the federal level since 1979. He is thoroughly familiar with federal criminal procedure and the complexities of insurance fraud law. After years of defending clients at the federal level, he knows the strategies to apply in every situation that can arise.

Experienced In Insurance Fraud Defense

Insurance fraud refers to any case where an insured individual or company knowingly makes a false claim on a policy. Examples include:

  • Exaggerating or falsifying damage to an automobile in an auto insurance claim
  • Claiming nonexistent or preexisting injuries to be the result of a slip-and-fall incident
  • Filing a false disability claim
  • A doctor fraudulently billing Medicare for unnecessary or unperformed procedures
  • Stealing someone’s identity to make a false health insurance claim on the other person’s policy
  • Filing a claim for an injury or damage that did not occur while the policy was in effect, known as “past posting”
  • An insurance agent filing a fake policy, or embezzling premiums from a customer and not issuing the policy

As the defendant, you need a lawyer who has litigated insurance fraud charges before. Ron Cordova will construct your defense based on the facts. He will ensure that your rights under federal law are protected following your arrest and during the pre-trial phase. If your case goes to trial, you can rely on Mr. Cordova’s trial experience in more than 150 criminal cases. He will make sure you receive a fair trial.

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