Effective Legal Strategies In Federal Tax Fraud Cases

Irregularities discovered in a routine tax audit usually result in the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) adding penalties to the amount of tax you owe. However, if the IRS believes that you have committed tax fraud, you may face an additional civil tax penalty and even criminal charges.

A federal tax fraud investigation by the IRS or the Tax Division of the Department of Justice can begin long before charges are filed. If you believe that you are under investigation or if you have already been charged with criminal tax fraud, it is essential that you retain an experienced criminal defense lawyer immediately.

Based in Irvine, California, Ron Cordova, has tried more than 150 jury trials in over 40 years as a criminal lawyer. His experience as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney gives him an inside perspective on the criminal justice system that has enabled countless clients to avoid conviction or receive greatly reduced penalties.

Aggressive Representation In All Federal Tax Fraud Cases

Tax fraud charges can be filed for a range of conduct. Businesses and professionals most often face charges for tax crimes that result from legal activities. These charges can include tax evasion, sales tax fraud, failure to file or filing false tax returns and employment tax fraud.

Tax crimes charges can also be related to illegal activities such as securities fraud, pyramid and Ponzi schemes, illegal gambling and public corruption as well as other white collar offenses. They may also be filed in relation to other financial crimes such as money laundering, a charge often brought against individuals who have been involved in drug trafficking or related crimes like racketeering.

Whatever tax fraud charges you may be facing, Ron Cordova will aggressively defend you from being convicted. His extensive trial experience, investigative skill and dedication to your best interests ensure that your freedom and your future are in good hands.

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