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A few mistakes that MLM reps make

Multilevel marketing, or MLM, is big in the United States. It has become so common that you could be involved with an MLM company and know at least 10 people in your close circles who are involved with at least one MLM company as well. In many ways, this is a good thing. You get to pursue something you are passionate about and that makes you feel good about yourself. At the same time, you can solidify friendships with others who sell for the company.

However, you do need to be careful when you are considering opportunities, selling products and recruiting for your sales network.

What can be considered an internet crime?

As Irvine residents know, the internet is a large part of everyday life in America and around the world now. With that growth comes new types of crimes. So what can be considered an internet crime in the current day?

Internet crime, also known as cybercrime, has been on the rise for years. According to Complex, there are some internet crimes that are more common than others. This includes:

  • Blackmailing or extortion
  • Accessing stored information or communications
  • Not delivering merchandise
  • Spoofing or phishing
  • Harassment or bullying
  • Cyber porn and drug trafficking
  • Copyright infringement

What does it mean to impersonate someone online?

In many cases, pretending to be someone else online is illegal. This is true in California when someone does so with the intent to defraud, harm, intimidate or threat.

So, here is a look at some examples where impersonation could lead to someone getting in legal trouble.

Is wire fraud a serious crime?

When California residents like you have been accused of wire fraud, there are many potential penalties you might face if convicted. Ron Cordova, attorney at law, aims to help you understand your wire fraud charges and the severe impact a conviction may have on you.

Wire fraud is actually a very broad category, similar to mail fraud. It can encompass a number of fraudulent activities and a wide array of electronic devices. Wire fraud can involve everything from cellphones to faxes and more. You can even be charged with wire fraud simply for talking about fraud over the phone.

Review finds no proof of insider trading

California residents who work in executive-level positions are often compensated in part by stocks or other investments in a company. They may also choose to make stock purchases on their own for the companies for which they work. While there are laws surrounding when employees or executives of a company may buy or sell stocks, there may well be situations in which the legitimacy of some transactions is not always immediately apparent.

These are some of the reasons that people may hear about allegations of insider trading or other white collar crimes being levied against executives in large companies. Three executives from Equifax are just some of the latest people to face these allegations. The company's data breach that exposed millions of consumers' data is said to have occurred on July 29. On August 15, the company banned employee stock sales due to the issue. Prior to that, three executives sold several shares of stock between August 1 and August 2.

Why do people embezzle? You might be surprised

When people hear the word, "embezzlement," some might picture a greedy worker who wants to take a vacation in the Cayman Islands. Other people might envision an employee who is out for revenge against the employer for whatever reason, be it a denied pay raise, denied promotion or something else.

Many times, though, embezzlement stems from something else.

Changes in criminal law and reduced drug busts

Major drug arrests have long been a common occurrence across the state of California. Yet changes in laws surrounding drug charges, as well as shifting attitudes towards the practicality behind drug busts, have cast a different light on such arrests in recent years. Regardless of California's gradually loosening grip on drug crimes, just one arrest could result in prolonged periods of  court dates and fees -- not to mention the potentially damaging effects such arrests can have on one's reputation.

Despite the changing views on crimes involving drug activity, The Orange County Register makes clear that a large majority of Californians express discontent toward excessive drug use. In August 2017, The Register focused on an ordeal in which the city of Santa Ana is filing a lawsuit against California Lodge Suites, a local hotel, for its notorious drug activity. The hotel has been known as a central location for criminal activity involving heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine. California Lodge Suites has allegedly declined requests for comments, all while contempt from the city grows. While the conflict between Santa Ana and the lodge appears to be without end, The Register adds that the Drug Den Abatement Act has allowed the city to take serious legal action against the business. 

What does it really mean to evade taxes?

Filing taxes can certainly be a mundane activity, but avoiding them completely is another matter. Many professionals turn away from recording tax liabilities as a result of financial struggle, among a multitude of other reasons. But regardless of the cause, tax evasion in California is a crime that can come with costly penalties. 

Anyone is capable of avoiding taxes, including the owner of Subway restaurants in the Orange County area. According to The Orange County Register, Ajay Beri pleaded guilty to a sale tax evasion charge last November, after which he faced nine months' jail time and a hefty fee of $3 million. The day Beri pleaded guilty, he also paid $1.3 million in repayment, with plans to pay the remaining $1.3 million by May 2018. Ajay Beri Corporation, Beri Restaurants Group and ownership of Subways across Orange and Los Angeles counties were Beri's main successes, but this prosperity took a turn when the owner collected sales tax on food purchased by Subway customers and intentionally filed fraudulent sales tax returns to avoid paying his full amount in taxes.  

Your rights if you get detained for shoplifting

If you get detained in a store by a security officer, you may be wondering what is happening. No one wants to be accused of shoplifting or wrongfully detained. The security personnel may try to get you to sign a statement for you to admit guilt. 

In this situation, your rights may get infringed. Whether you actually stole something or not, you still have rights. Here are the essential things you need to know if you are ever detained for shoplifting. 

Is ecstasy the next therapy drug?

Drugs are a hot topic in today's world, as they have recently landed in the spotlight of public scrutiny. Voices on both sides of the controversy stress the importance of some controlled substances as well as the risks, but the question remains: are the penalties for drug possession too severe? In California, that question may soon arrive at an answer. Similar to the debate surrounding the legalization of marijuana, some officials are debating the benefits that ecstasy could provide for those suffering from a number of complications. 

Attitudes towards drugs such as ecstasy are certainly changing, and many Californians are wondering if money spent toward penalties for possession is too much. Earlier this year LA Weekly commented on this topic, asking whether those arrested on ecstasy charges should receive lighter prison sentences. The legalization of marijuana has made a large splash in the state; could ecstasy be next? The Weekly anticipated the upcoming United States Sentencing Commission's public hearing on the guidelines surrounding sentences involving the drug also known as MDMA, and noted that drug advocates planned on attending the meeting. Of course, the sentencing reconsideration of other drugs, specific demographics related to ecstasy charges and the potential risks of the drug are some of the main factors that will help officials accurately discuss of reducing prison sentences.

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