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March 2019 Archives

Simple precautions may reduce online identity theft

Many California residents are concerned about the possibility of identity theft, especially because the consequences of such a crime may last for years. The risk of identity theft may continue to rise as more people conduct business online and use the internet to access bank accounts, medical records and private information. In many cases, it is not possible for individuals to avoid putting their personal information on the internet. However, taking a few cautionary steps may reduce one's risk of becoming a victim of identity theft.

What is a PAS test?

Drunk driving is always a serious offense, but consequences are even greater when you are a California driver too young to drink alcohol. Because it is illegal for you to drink any type of intoxicating beverage until you reach the age of 21, a law enforcement officer can pull you over if he or she believes that you may have imbibed any amount of alcohol, no matter how large or small. 

Reasons why embezzlement happens

When people hear about someone embezzling, they often have a picture in mind of what type of person the embezzler is. Likely they assume, he is a white, middle-aged male holding a prominent leadership position at the company. While this is certainly a common demographic, it is not the only one.

Man arrested on way to Google's Mountain View headquarters

Most people in Irvine are likely familiar with the old saying about sticks and stones being able to break bones yet words not having the power to cause harm. Some might take this literal fact a license to say whatever they want. yet while it is true that words are not themselves able to hurt people, the threats that they imply can. For this reason, law enforcement officials are authorized to apprehend people that they believe to be making dangerous and credible threats. 

Cyberattacks threaten certain business owners

In corporate America, data systems hold valuable consumer information, including credit card numbers, Social Security numbers and other confidential data. In this day and age of advanced technology, these systems run the risk of becoming victimized by cyberattacks. Cyberhackers can gain access to these information systems and instantly obtain consumer data. The problem lies in the fact that incidents of data breaches have increased significantly within the last several years.

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