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June 2016 Archives

Ways a criminal defense attorney will coach their clients

Should you find yourself facing criminal charges, you are likely looking for any help you can get. This is a time of great uncertainty and confusion. You may be wondering what your future holds.  Will you be convicted? Will you have to serve time in jail?

California man pleads guilty to multiple theft counts

A lot of people commit crimes and get away with them, but there are also many who don't get so lucky. Whenever a person has been caught and they are accused of a crime, they should remember that they have options for handling the situation. Depending on what is said to them by police or authorities, they may be convinced that pleading guilty is the only way to go, but this isn't always necessarily the smartest choice.

What factors must be present for a charge of embezzlement?

From drunk driving to money laundering, when people are suspected of committing a crime, it is likely that if the right amount of evidence is found, they will be charged and convicted. Embezzlement, like many white collar crimes, has serious consequences for those who are found guilty. However, if you are suspected of this crime, there are certain elements that must be present before you can be charged.

What are the possible consequences for kidnapping in California?

There are many people that make decisions in their life that may negatively affect them. They lie, cheat, steal, and in some cases, even kidnap someone. Should someone decide to kidnap a man, woman or child, whether or not they are aware of the consequences of their actions, there is a chance they will have to answer for the wrong they have done. Every state has a set of laws and a list of possible consequences for breaking them. California is no different.

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