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July 2018 Archives

Felony and misdemeanor charges face board member

California residents who may be accused of financially related crimes like embezzlement or money laundering have several issues about which to be concerned. One of these issues can be the future of their professional positions, especially if those positions are in any way connected to the allegations against them.

3 common forms of securities fraud

The stock market is mystifying to many average consumers. While the appeal of investing might draw some in, inexperience might make them vulnerable. Many novice investors rely on advice and guidance from experts, but not all experts have investors' best interests at heart. According to the FBI, investors should be wary of investments that seem too good to be true.

What are the details or attorney-client privilege?

It is easy to fill alone when facing criminal charges in Irvine. You may feel that even those closest to you (despite their belief in both you and your innocence) might choose to distance themselves from you for fear of whatever implications may arise from your association. This solitude is no doubt compounded by the potential penalties you could be facing. For this reason, having an attorney on your side might be vital, as he or she can serve as both your advocate and confidant. 

Explaining the 1099 form

You might think that those charged with tax evasion are people who try to avoid paying taxes altogether. That assumption is shared by in Irvine, as evidenced by the surprise demonstrated by those who come seeking help from us here at Ron Cordova Attorney at Law after having been accused of it. The truth is that many tax evasion charges arise from simple cases of underreporting income. Such issues ca often be traced back to a misunderstanding if a tax form that you might be likely be familiar with (yet not fully comprehend its significance): a 1099. 

3 examples of mail fraud

Despite the emergence of the internet, fraud committed through the mail persists. In fact, mail fraud makes up some of the most common types of fraud offenses. 

What is ransomware?

Cybercrime is a threat that impacts people throughout the world and right here in New Jersey too. Cybercrimes include a variety of scams, identity theft, exploitation of children and attacks on computer systems. For victims, including businesses, the effects are frustrating and costly. Ransomware attacks are one type of internet crime that affects businesses large and small, as well as government and law enforcement agencies.

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