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September 2016 Archives

California cocaine laws

Cocaine is one of the most dangerous drugs being used in the United States. It provides arguably the most profits for traffickers and drug cartels. Federal laws are very strict towards those involved in the manufacturing and transportation of cocaine. States have their own laws as well, and each state deals with drug traffickers differently.

Probation sentences and their consequences

Being found guilty of a crime could lead to several outcomes. You might have to face hefty fines or prison time. But in some cases, the judge might consider sending you back into the community. Releasing the defendant back into the society with fewer rights than a normal person is called probation. Probation lets you stay out of prison, but there are still certain restrictions on you. The judge has the right to revoke your probation in case your behavior is not up to the required standard.

Medical marijuana laws and defenses

Medical marijuana is the use of marijuana and possession of marijuana for medical purposes only. Some people who suffer from painful diseases or regular seizures may use marijuana for pain relief. Medical marijuana is the same as that used as a drug. Some states have legalized marijuana to be used for medical purposes. Marijuana has been one of the most controversial drugs because of its use in medicine.

On what basis could a public official be charged with bribery?

Accepting anything of value in exchange for your influence is called bribery. Bribes may be taken by public officials or government officials to use their office as a way to make illegal money. Bribes are not always in the form of cash. In most cases, other tangible things like gifts are used to bribe officials with power. Prosecutors do not require a written agreement to prove that bribery has taken place but they must establish the intent of both parties. Both the offering and receiving party are held liable and charged with bribery.

Defending yourself against child abuse charges

Child abuse charges can lead to severe consequences because of the way in which society deals with offenders. If you get convicted of a serious child abuse charge, you might have to spend the rest of your life in prison. The less serious cases are considered misdemeanors and you may only spend a few years in prison. However, the problems for child abuse offenders continue even after they are out of prison.

Warning signs of embezzlement

Embezzlement may be defined as the conversion of assets by a person who manages the finances of an organization. It is usually done by someone who is trusted by the employer and can easily move finances around without anyone becoming suspicious. Embezzlement is considered a type of theft. Employers usually try to stay vigilant and look for indicators of embezzlement. Several scenarios may be considered embezzlement.

Defense against money laundering and racketeering charges

People who make money illegally often try to pass it through a legitimate business. This makes it look like the money was generated through legal means. By investing money into the business, they can "launder" the money, making it look legal. This helps them use the money that they are making illegally without law enforcement agencies suspecting anything.

How do attorneys deal with drug possession charges?

Drug possession charges are difficult to deal with and might lead to severe punishment if you are found guilty. It is important to have the right defense strategy to help you overcome the charges. Attorneys use different defense mechanisms when defending their clients against drug possession charges.

What you need to know about wire fraud

Fraud committed over interstate boundaries is called wire fraud. It may include scams like telemarketing fraud, phishing and other schemes hatched to defraud others for personal gain. Wire fraud is quite similar to regular fraud, except interstate communication is involved. Interstate communications include telephone lines, electronic communication and even television.

Things you should know if charged with shoplifting

Shoplifting is the act of concealing an item for sale and leaving without paying for it. It is treated as larceny, which is the theft of another person's property without permission. Some states have made specific statutes that deal with shoplifting only. Other than stealing merchandise, any attempt to avoid paying for something is considered shoplifting.

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