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November 2018 Archives

Taking a closer look at the self-employment tax

You may have the same entrepreneurial drive as many in Irvine that compels you to want to be your own boss. Yet the common complaint that our team members here at Ron Cordova Attorney at Law hear from self-employed clients is that they do not understand why they have to pay more in tax. Understanding your tax obligations is vital if you want to succeed at being self-employed, as the threat of penalties from tax improprieties can exact a heavy financial and emotional toll on your business (not to mention endangering your personal freedom). 

Malibu resident accused of looting

Most people who live in California have witnessed in some form wildfires in various areas of their state. These events are no longer contained to remote or rural areas and sadly leave too many people without their homes and belongings. In 2018, the state has experienced its most deadly and destructive fires in history. One of these fires even ravaged through the relatively wealthy community of Malibu in the southern portion of the state.

The use of eyewitness testimony in criminal trials

When people go on trial for a crime, there is often evidence linking that person to the crime. In some cases, however, the evidence may be circumstantial and the answer as to whether the person on trial actually committed the crime isn’t so clear. Eyewitness testimony may be used to show that the defendant was present during the crime. Yet, research shows that eyewitness testimony is not always accurate and may lead to an innocent person being wrongfully convicted. When testimony is entered in court, the jurors may not understand that the witness’s identification of the suspect may not be valid.

Penalties for white collar crimes against elders and the disabled

As a California resident facing a white-collar criminal charge, you may have justifiable concerns about the penalties you could potentially face should you be convicted. While financial crimes can lead to considerable consequences that may include steep fines, professional repercussions and possible jail time, they can also affect your professional standing, meaning they may ultimately cost you your entire career and professional reputation.

Participating in cybercrime can destroy your business

If you operate a successful company that is currently experiencing the strain of competition in California, it may be tempting to participate in illegal behavior to profit and see a better return on your investments. However, deceiving behavior of any kind is often punishable by law and can have debilitating consequences for your company. At Ron Cordova Attorney at Law, we are committed to providing fair defense for alleged criminals of white-collar crime. 

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