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April 2016 Archives

Federal agencies use national security act for drug cases

Recent terrorism-related attacks, both in this country and abroad, have created demands from some quarters to increase surveillance on those suspected of plotting to do others harm. And while most people find the idea of keeping a close eye on established and potential terrorists a positive thing, it is important to realize the full ramifications of U.S. surveillance policies.

White collar crime cases may contain electronic paper trails

The term "white collar" is used to describe a portion of the workforce that performs administrative and other office-related functions. Most people who perform white collar jobs have achieved some measure of educational achievement and many have advanced degrees.

FBI may exert authority in parental abduction cases

When parents divorce, it is typically in everyone's best interest that they act cooperatively and adhere to the obligations outlined in the parenting agreement or court orders. But sometimes emotions can impair judgement and a parent may feel compelled to act in defiance of the established child custody agreement.

What are the penalties for auto theft in California?

Many people are familiar with the phrase "grand theft auto," because it is the name of a popular video game. Others may have heard the phrase on TV shows or in movies that feature high-speed car chases. Of course, most people understand that grand theft auto involves stealing a motor vehicle, but the severity of this criminal act is often not so clear.

What could justify lowering murder charges to manslaughter?

There is simply no way to overstate the seriousness of a murder charge. Most people understand the ramifications of being arrested for committing the act of murder. Even being investigated for the crime can have a negative impact on your reputation. And of course, those convicted of murder may be issued the most severe penalties permitted by the legal system.

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