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December 2014 Archives

You have the right to defend your home in California

As the Roman orator, Cicero once queried, "What is more sacred, what more strongly guarded by every holy feeling than a man's own home?" It is a sentiment that survives today and one to which any homeowner can relate. Your home should be a place of safety and happiness for you and your family. But what happens when someone invades that sanctuary?

Do not let theft charges ruin your future

Property crimes can be very delicate, particularly if they relate to alleged thefts from an organization by which you are employed. Furthermore, convictions relating to theft can seriously impact the way people around you perceive you, both on a personal and professional level. Friends and family may be unwilling to trust you in their homes while employers may be reluctant to give you access to aspects of their business.

How easy is it to be accused of a white collar crime?

The stresses of working a high profile job in California are immeasurable. Every day you may be faced with numerous responsibilities, all to be carried out while you are directly in the public eye. Any mistake you make could be construed as an abuse of power or an attempt to alter things in your favor. As such, you have to be particularly careful, especially when any financial matters are involved.

Federal court has stricter rules on plea bargains

If you are facing criminal charges, you may be very worried about the future. Conviction can have severe implications for your personal and professional life, as well as your prospects. This is particularly the case if you are sentenced to time in jail, as you will effectively be removed from society and the life you know for the duration of your sentence.

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