Seek A Strong Defense When Facing Serious Vehicular Homicide Charges

The crime of vehicular homicide is charged against an individual whose criminally negligent operation of a motor vehicle caused the death of another person. Criminal negligence may involve breaking traffic laws, driving under the influence of alcohol or driving while distracted by a cellphone, to name a few examples. What may have seemed like a mistake translates to a crime when someone else loses their life as a result.

A vehicular homicide charge carries severe penalties; to ensure that you get the best defense possible, you need a skilled and experienced defense attorney.

Your Advocate During Trying Times

For over 40 years, attorney Ron Cordova has served Orange County, California, as a prosecutor and a criminal defense lawyer. A nationally recognized criminal defense attorney with extensive experience in both state and federal courts, Ron has tried more than 150 jury trials throughout his lengthy career.

Throughout his career, Ron has handled many cases involving drivers charged with vehicular homicide. Based on his extensive experience, Ron has successfully defended individuals against these and other criminal charges.

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Each time Ron Cordova takes on a new case, he carefully examines every detail. If you have been charged with vehicular homicide, you should obtain an experienced and skilled criminal defense attorney to represent you. For top-notch legal representation, contact the Irvine office of Ron Cordova, Attorney-At-Law, by calling 949-769-2175 or complete an online contact form to schedule a free consultation.