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May 2014 Archives

Federal charges threaten California landscaper

When you consider the type of crimes required to warrant a federal investigation, you might not realize just how easy it is to fall afoul of federal laws. A mistake when filing your taxes could lead to a tax fraud investigation. Visiting the wrong website could connect you with Internet crimes. For one landscaper in California, it was doing his job that put him at risk of federal charges, when he allegedly caused harm to some birds.

California man arrested on drug charges after K-9 searches car

Concerns about a drug presence in the community leads law enforcement officials to go to greater and greater lengths to track down the sources of these controlled substances. Searches and raids are carried out and K-9 officers are also enlisted to help in order to crack down on drug crime. Such was the situation in California when a man was arrested one afternoon on suspicion of drug intoxication.

California woman investigated over credit card theft

In California, the laws surrounding theft are fairly unforgiving. The problem is that no matter the scale of the crime, once it is on your record, it can have damaging consequences for your reputation and your employment prospects. There are many reasons individuals might end up being charged with theft, but the result is the same. In a recent case in California, one woman has been charged with using stolen credit cards.

College students charged with hate crime, expelled from school

Four college students at San Jose State University in California are facing criminal charges for allegedly tormenting their African-American roommate. The students are facing misdemeanor hate crime and battery charges, to which they have all pleaded not guilty. The charges came after allegations that the students used a bike lock on their roommate's neck, called him racial slurs, locked him in a room and waved a Confederate flag. 

CA bill would extend definition of rape, increase penalties

A proposed bill that would expand the definition of rape in California is gaining steam. The bill is known as "Audrie's Law" and would expand the legal definition of forcible rape to include sexual assault of a person who is unconscious or developmentally disabled. 

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