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October 2014 Archives

Federal grand jury indicts 2 on fraud charges

Being tried on the federal level is an extremely serious matter and can have extremely severe penalties. These charges can take many forms, with fraud being a common option. The problem with this is that fraud is inferred from a misrepresentation of yourself or other information. While this can be an attempt to profit from deception, sometimes it could simply be an honest mistake. In the world of business, the desire to get ahead can cause some to stray into illegal practices.

What are the benefits of negotiating a plea bargain?

Undergoing a criminal investigation can be an extremely stressful experience. It is often a lengthy process and in the meantime you are faced with an uncertain future. A conviction could mean the loss of your job, damage to your reputation, fines or even a prison sentence. In many cases, your instinct may be to deny everything and attempt to avoid conviction altogether.

Penalties for drug possession depend on various circumstances

Drug charges can have a dramatic effect on your life and your future. You could lose your job, be unable to go to your college of choice, or struggle to find future employment. Furthermore, conviction could mean hefty fines or even time in prison. In a previous article we looked at the ways in which drugs are classified and the effect that might have on the penalties connected with a related charge.

What is the difference between petty theft and grand theft?

Theft charges can have a dramatic effect on both your personal and professional lives, not to mention your future. If you are convicted, employers may be less willing to hire you, while friends and family may be unsure if they can trust you. Even more of a worry are the penalties associated with conviction. You could face fines or even a prison sentence. In a recent article, we discussed a man charged with stealing from a motor speedway.

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