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August 2014 Archives

Man charged over theft from speedway

Being charged with theft can be a serious matter. In California, as is the case throughout the United States, authorities will go to great lengths to track down those responsible for such offenses. However, it is not always easy to find the right person and this can mean that innocent people become implicated along the way.

Federal drug convictions often lead to harsher sentences

If you have ever been charged with a criminal offense, it is likely that you already know how stressful and distressing it can be. Drug charges can turn your life upside-down. Your employer may lose confidence in you, while friends and family may be unsure what to think. On top of that, you may have to go to court and face charges that could ultimately change your life.

What constitutes a white collar crime?

People in positions of power and influence, such as salaried professionals or influential businesspeople are often watched closely for any abuse of power. A corrupt individual could potentially sway large numbers of people and do a lot of damage. If a crime is perceived to have been permitted by one of these people, there is a good chance it will be a white collar crime. As is explained on FindLaw, these crimes are usually motivated by financial gain and characterized by deceit.

What are the penalties for drug possession in California?

Illegal possession of drugs can have vastly varying consequences depending on a range of factors. In 1986, a number of guidelines for mandatory minimum sentencing for drug offenses were enacted under federal law. Many states have chosen to take a similar approach, but the severity of sentences differ dramatically from one state to the next. However, compared with other states, sentences for drug possession in California are some of the lightest.

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