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July 2016 Archives

How does telling the truth work as a good defense?

Often, when a person is in trouble with the law and is facing charges, they may not be sure what they should tell the police. Many choose to lie and do not even consider telling the truth. This is especially true if they are guilty of the crime they are being accused of and know that if they are upfront and honest, they could end up getting the maximum sentence.

Different types of fraud

A wide variety of crimes are committed every day in the United States. Whether it is a violent crime, nonviolent or white collar, there are consequences that must be faced should someone be accused of these crimes and are found guilty. Of the many types of white collar crimes, there some forms that are more common than others.

Defend yourself against a DUI

It's happened to the best of us at one time or another. You go out for drinks with friends and lose track of the time and how many drinks you've had. When it's finally time to head home, the alcohol plays tricks on your mind and you convince yourself that you're in a perfectly fine state to drive home. After all, it was just a few glasses of wine or a handful of beers, right?

Defenses that can be used when you are facing drug charges

Everyday around the United States people are caught with drugs and end up being charged with a drug crime. Whether or not they are convicted of this crime depends on a number of things, but mostly their defense and how they plead. Ideally, when a person pleads not guilty to a drug crime, or any crime, their defense will explain why they aren't guilty of the crime.

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