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December 2018 Archives

Options for offshore asset tax payments

If you are like many people in Southern California, your financial assets may extend beyond the United States. You might own property in one or more foreign countries. You might have business investments in another nation. You might even have a bank account in another country. These are some of the situations that might make your tax filings more complicated than those of the average U.S. taxpayer. 

Defending yourself from accusations of online solicitation

You often hear stories of law enforcement authorities catching would-be sexual predators online by posing as intended victims of said predators' actions. Like most in Irvine, you likely have no problem with such actions due to two assumptions, the first being that you would never put yourself in a position to solicit any form of sexual conduct with a minor. The second is that such police action is only done in response to a predator attempting to locate a juvenile victim. Yet as many of those that have come to our team here at Ron Cordova Attorney at Law seeking assistance have discovered, that is not always the case. 

Job seeking after a conviction

Among the many challenges faced by people in California who have been convicted of criminal offenses is the task of getting a new job. According to the Society for Human Resources Management, a whopping 96 percent of companies today run background checks on job candidates prior to finalizing a new hire. That, however, does not mean that an applicant with a criminal record cannot find a job but it does mean that such a person must be prepared to address their past.

Overcoming an addiction to prescription drugs

Many people dangerously do not realize the risks of taking copious amounts of prescription drugs. When people have been prescribed a medication to help treat persistent symptoms, they may be at a higher risk of becoming addicted if their doctor in California does not regularly monitor their condition to identify improvements. They are also at a higher risk if they do not understand the proper way to take their medication including dosage amounts and whether or not there are substances that should be avoided while a particular medication is being used. 

An introduction to the overcriminalization of America

An average American may commit one or more felonies each day by simply engaging in ordinary activities forbidden somewhere in the depths of federal or state criminal law.  Most people living in the 21st century are unaware of statutes enacted in the early decades of American history. Some of these archaic laws remain in force and designate arrestable offenses.

The new tax law and alleged tax evasion

California residents are among the most highly taxed persons in the nation. The state has the highest state income tax rate and a sales tax to boot. It is understandable that people in California would take advantage of every opportunity possible to reduce their tax burden. The tax laws are set up to allow and even encourage taxpayers to find ways to lower their tax bills. Yet, there can be a fine line between what some identify as legal use of tax laws and alleged tax evasion. This line might get even murkier under the new tax law.

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