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August 2015 Archives

The right defense can make all the difference

Every year in California, countless arrests are made in connection with a wide variety of crimes. This can often mean that the legal system is under strain while officers are working around the clock to keep the peace. As a result, mistakes can be made, and you might find yourself facing charges for a crime you didn't commit. Furthermore, even if you have been involved in criminal activity, you could be implicated in more serious offenses or faced with an unfairly long sentence.

A plea deal may allow you to secure a lighter sentence

In California, drug-related crimes are not uncommon and the authorities are constantly on the lookout for any signs of involvement in such activities. As such, if even a slight suspicion has been raised regarding your connection with controlled substances, there is a chance that you could be faced with a lengthy criminal investigation.

What is securities fraud?

As many workers in California know, when you are in a position of great responsibility, you are also likely to come under a lot of scrutiny. Even a relatively minor mistake can have a significant effect on the business and could severely damage your reputation. This is more likely if the error appears to have benefited you in any way, as it could appear to have been deliberate. You may even find yourself facing criminal charges or be at risk of losing your job.

A good defense is key when accused of a white collar crime

As many people in California are aware, if you are accused of any sort of crime, it could cause you to be suspended from your job while the investigation is underway. This is even more likely to be the case if the crime that you are suspected of committing is associated with your job in any way. Many of these offenses involve some form of abuse of power, such as misappropriating company funds or even using the company to evade taxes or commit fraud.

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