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July 2015 Archives

Federal charges are no laughing matter

In California, numerous people are arrested each week on varying charges. Some may have committed the crimes of which they have been accused, while others may be completely innocent. Whichever happens to be the case, it is still a daunting experience. You could face a lengthy investigation, a criminal trial and even harsh penalties in the event that you are convicted.

The right defense can make all the difference

In California, people are arrested every day, though not all are guilty of the charges against them. Unfortunately, determining the truth can be extremely complicated and often involves a lengthy investigative process. Meanwhile, the stress and pressure of all this can take its toll on both you and your family. Furthermore, you have the threat of conviction hanging over your head and the worry of the penalties you could face.

California home searched for narcotics

In California, being found with illegal drugs is a serious matter and one that can lead to weighty consequences. However, it is all too easy to be connected with controlled substances that are not yours. For example if drugs are found in your car or home, officers may assume that they are yours, or that you at least knew about them. However, the reality may be that you had no idea they were there.

Can you be charged for borrowing an item?

It is no secret in California that theft can lead to serious criminal charges and the possibility of hefty fines or even a prison sentence. Furthermore, a conviction for this sort of offense can be extremely damaging to your reputation. However, it is a sad fact that it is possible to be accused of theft when you have done nothing wrong. For example, you may have borrowed an item from a neighbor who later forgot they had lent you the item and thought you have stolen it.

A single mistake could ruin your reputation

If you hold a position of power in California, you may already be aware of the risks and responsibilities that can go with that role. A single mistake can quickly become a very serious matter, causing significant issues within the organization you work for. To make things worse, it might be assumed that the error was deliberate, particularly if it appears to have benefited you in any way. As a result, you could find yourself faced with criminal charges and a very uncertain future.

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