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April 2019 Archives

Why are internet crimes so complex?

Internet crimes range in severity from a compromised credit card number to a widespread security breach that impacts the lives of thousands of people. If you are facing the consequences of having been involved in some type of internet crime in California, the repercussions you face will range depending on what exactly occurred. 

Tactics investigators use that could violate your rights

Here at the office of Ron Cordova, attorney-at-law, we often find that those accused of white-collar crimes are intelligent, capable people whose rights are being threatened. However, we find that intelligence often hurts defendants as much as it helps them.

What can happen to you if you lie on your taxes?

You are probably aware that lying on your taxes can land you in serious hot water, You may not realize, however, that even unintentionally making mistakes when filing and paying your taxes can lead to considerable trouble. Regrettably, tax errors are easily made. This is particularly true this year, as recent tax law changes have had far-reaching effects on just about everyone filing a tax return.

A look at the Otisville prison

Now that the former attorney to the President is heading to prison, many people in New York have questions about the facility at which he will be staying. Some are referring to it as a white collar prison in reference largely to the fact that the man was convicted of a white collar crime. Other people, however, may also assert that white people are more likely to be at these types of facilities than are defendants of color.

Does my health affect a field sobriety test?

If you are like a lot of people in California, you have heard people talk about the types of field sobriety tests that are generally administered before a law enforcement officer places a driver under arrest for drunk driving. However, you may not be aware of the types of problems that may be associated with these tests. None of the three tests are completely accurate according to 

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