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December 2016 Archives

Police investigating hate crimes via social media

As you are likely aware, the election of Donald Trump has been greeted with tremendous passion among both those who are in favor of the new president-elect and those who view him unfavorably. And one of the offshoots of this controversial election has been an increased focus on hate crimes.

Stealing Christmas presents can result in federal charges

Every year at this time, the United States Postal Service is working round-the-clock to deliver cards and gifts. And sometimes the recipients of packages are not home when the mailman shows up, boxes in tow. So, out of necessity, the package is left at the doorstep. And for someone who is struggling to provide gifts for a family or just an individual whose impulse control is lacking, a package left unguarded can be almost irresistible.

Drug culture can be hard to leave behind

Breaking free from the prison of habitual drug use can be difficult in so many ways. First, many drugs, such as prescription painkillers, crystal meth, and heroin are extremely addictive. Very few people are able to simply stop taking these substances without suffering severe withdrawal symptoms. This means that successfully quitting typically involves some form of treatment.

Less is best when talking to the police

There are few things in life that can make you sweat like being stopped by the police. If an officer wants to ask you questions, you must quickly make some very important decisions. And you do not want to let your nerves get the better of you and tell the officer something that could eventually be presented in court as evidence against you.

Man and woman apprehended and charged after car chase

In the heat of the moment, anyone can make a rash decision without realizing the consequences. This typically happens when we are suddenly placed in a stressful situation and only have time to react, rather than think. When threatened, our body kicks into what is known as "fight or flight" mode, wherein we instantly choose to engage with the threat or flee for safety. And this can prove very problematic if the threat you perceive is a law enforcement officer from whom you choose to escape.

Do you know your Miranda rights?

Miranda rights are likely familiar because of the recitation in movies and television. The law was formed during the Supreme Court case of Miranda vs. Arizona. It is based on the Fifth Amendment and gives suspects certain rights before being questioned by the police. According to Miranda rights, law enforcement officers are required to recite the suspect’s rights to them before making an arrest.

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