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January 2016 Archives

What acts are considered credit card fraud?

Using someone else's credit card is not a violent offense. Often those who do it are in a bind and simply have no other financial sources to draw from. Some people even believe that credit card theft is a victimless crime as the card owners are protected from having to pay for unauthorized charges. But credit card theft is a criminal offense and if you are arrested and charged, you could face fines and jail time.

A DUI conviction could include use of ignition interlock device

In California, there are a number of penalties you may face if convicted of driving under the influence. These penalties can include fines, and in some circumstances, jail time. Another possible penalty the court may impose is the use of an ignition interlock device. An IID is a piece of apparatus that is installed in your car that measures your blood alcohol concentration. If the IID detects your BAC exceeds a preset level, it will disable your car.

Federal inmates spending longer periods in prison

It is certainly no understatement to say that being charged with a federal offense is a serious matter. Federal prosecutors will typically only attempt to bring suspects to trial if they believe they have strong enough evidence to win the case. What's more, when the federal government sets its sights on a suspect, it has virtually limitless resources from which it can draw in pursuit of a conviction.

Young people vulnerable to prescription drug addiction

There is a myth that issues of substance abuse are confined to the fringes of society. But the fact is that drug addiction is a human condition that crosses all socioeconomic borders. People of all ages and backgrounds suffer from addiction. This is especially true with regards to prescription drugs. Many of these drugs are extremely potent, making them highly addictive.

Financial crime charges could undo life of hard work

Often, what sets cases dealing with so-called "white collar crimes" apart from other criminal cases is the type of person who is most likely to be accused of a white collar crime. Typically, a white collar crime is related to financial activities. And often those accused of such crimes are people who work hard at legitimate occupations.

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